5 Ways To Come Back Into Balance

Do you feel in balance right now? Perhaps your heart is fluttering from too much yerba mate, or your legs feel heavy from yesterday's long autumn hike. Is your room filled with half-folded piles, or your email drifting beneath the fold? It's fine, because it is what it is, but you can always take action to being it all it back into balance.

Shift Stagnant Energy

There’s nothing quite like movement to keep your body, mind and spirit in check. If it’s for a few minutes, or an hour or two, daily exercise is an ideal way to invest in your peace of mind and your health. If you can break away from the grind for a walk, run, bike ride, simple stretch or yoga session, your whole being will benefit from clearing space for more clarity, ease and longevity.

Eat for Equilibrium

You are what you eat, so keep it balanced. Moderation is a key tactic here, so while you can enjoy your indulgences, relish in your fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins. Choose to consume in a way that will create more equilibrium — if you’re feeling heavy, eat light; if you’re cold and/or dry, eat warm, moist foods; if you’re feeling scattered, eat grounding, earthy foods.

Drink More Water

Water is fluid, so the more your drink, the more your body will be able to adjust to whatever comes its way. No, water will not fend off a flat tire, or a bad day at the office, unless the bad day spurs from you feeling dehydrated (or nauseous, or “hungry,” or irritable — which can all come from lack of H2O in your system). And if you get that flat tire, at least you won’t be thirsty. Drink more water!

Clear The Clutter

You are the director of your own destiny when it comes to organization. Everyone is busy, but you get to choose how to be more intentional with your time. Instead of feeling overwhelmed but all the things you have to get done, simply shift your perspective to thinking of tasks as a way to keep your day-to-day on track toward your ultimate intentions. To-do lists and other organizational methods are great tools, but never underestimate the power of doing, instead of thinking about doing. Set intentions, and carve your way with clear actions.

Speak Your Truth

Expressing your needs is one of the most powerful ways to obtain support on your path of balance. To tell your friends, family and co-workers what is going on with you from a place of curiosity and possibility, rather than fear and judgement, will help lighten load of whatever you have going on, rather than internalizing it. Just having others hear you in your authenticity will help keep you upright as you experience the eb and flow of life.