6 Superfoods for a Healthy Summer Glow

At this time of year many of us set off to hit the beach, chasing the summer rays to get sun-kissed skin. However, what we put in our body can permeate through our skin. This makes the food we eat, just as important as our precious sun, plus all those lotions and potions we grab to help make our skin look and feel radiant.

Can that healthy summer radiant glow really, really truly be achieved from the inside out? Well apparently so; by eating more superfoods containing high levels of carotenoids.

News flash! In a recent study, scientists from Leeds and St Andrews university (that’s where Prince William and Kate went) have discovered that eating fruit and vegetables rich in carotenoids can make people look more attractive than a sun-kissed tan.

Carotenoids contain naturally occurring pigments. It’s in these richly coloured molecules where sources of yellow, orange and red pigments increase the skin's yellowness. But that’s not all! Carotenoids are loaded with A vitamins and antioxidants that fight free radicals, the unstable molecules in the body that contribute to a ranging set of conditions from heart disease and cancer.

Here are 6 superfoods which carry the highest level of carotenoids.  These foods will make your skin glow thanks to their abundant levels of carotenoids, to bring out an attractive tan from within.

Organic Raw Sweet Potatoes on a Background

some fresh carrots on the groundred tomatoes grow on twigs. Ripening organic tomatoes on a vegetable bed into the garden. Bio product.

Fresh green spinach leaves on a wooden table


Purple sprouting broccoli a winter vegetable high in nutrients

So the age old sayings do bear truth, that you really are what you eat, and what you do on the inside really matters on the outside.