Root Chakra: Ground Yourself

The first chakra is the beginning of life force. It is associated with our roots, our survival, and our connection with the earth. The first chakra says "I am here," "I have all I need," and "I have purpose." It is the wheel of energy that grounds the body.

If you find yourself constantly needing to escape, living in a fantasy, or not really feeling "all there" this could be an issue in grounding. Anxiety as well as fear are the results of unhealthy cycles in the first chakra. Practice grounding exercises to connect the body with the energy of the earth, and fear will start to dissipate.

When energy is flowing freely through all of the chakras, one can experience a heightened state of consciousness. Energy flows from the base of the spine upward to the third eye and back down again like an electric current. To set our chakras in alignment, begin with awareness in the first chakra and work upwards:


In order to set the flow of energy within our chakras we must first be aware of our roots deep within the earth. At the base of our spine we have nerve endings that connect to our legs and feet. The nerve endings resemble roots and they react to the energy in the ground beneath our feet. They are the base of the nervous system.

The entity that connects our being with the earth is gravity: A basic first chakra principle. Gravitation brings energy into form. The gravitational pull of the earth pulls the physical body to position, giving it place on the earth. Knowledge of our roots and their pull to deep within the earth helps to ground and center us as we realize that we are apart of the grand cycle of life energy.

Remind yourself: "I am here."


Associated with the first chakra are our basic survival instincts- our basis for what we need to live. A healthy energy in the first chakra will allow us to know that we have all we need on the earth. We do not lack anything but all we need is within us. We are all connected and we have a right to be here on this earth. Believe that you have everything you need.

Remind yourself: "I have all I need."


The more we feel connection with the earth, the more we will feel purpose.

There is freedom from anxiety when you feel your energy flowing in tune with the earth as a whole. Our being is one yet connected with all of earth at the same time. We are ever evolving, growing, and changing like all of nature on the planet. When we connect with this energy we become actively aware of the present moment and what we need to do.

Remind yourself: "I have purpose."

Tips to connect with the earth:

  • Go somewhere in nature where you can go barefoot to feel the grass or dirt under your toes.
  • Play with the earth. The natural earth is designed like a playground, so let yourself play!
  • Observe the ground and how everything rests on it. Feel the energy pulsing from beneath it.
  • Play with the dirt, don't be afraid to get dirty. Maybe even give yourself a mud bath.
  • Play with gravity.
  • Go for a run and feel the gravitational pull as you move.
  • Some of the best therapy for fear and anxiety is to get in nature and play!

Poses to activate the first chakra:

  • The Bridge Pose
  • Half Locust and Full Locust
  • The Elephant Pose
  • Head to Knee Pose