Helpful Tips to Improve Your Energy Balance

Helpful Tips to Improve Your Energy Balance

Sustaining enough energy to do all the things you want to do and be all the places you want to be when life gets busy and exciting is a serious balancing act. You can’t sustain high levels of energy forever, and if you try, you’ll undoubtedly end up paying for it later.

According to WebMD, there are 11 big energy-zapping culprits that most of us struggle with. These include sugar consumption, caffeine consumption, too much or too little exercise, dehydration, sleep deprivation, attitude, clutter, inadequate nutrition, stress, low self-esteem, and saying “yes” to too many things.

Focusing on balancing those areas mentioned above will greatly improve your energy levels, but don't forget that this always involves continuously cycling between spending energy and regenerating energy. Try using some of the following "quick fix" tips and techniques to help if you struggle to maintain energetic balance.

Know Your Energy Type

Do you know if you’re more introverted or extroverted? Introverted people are more energized by their inner worlds, meaning that they need to spend more time alone to regenerate their energy levels. Extroverted people are just the opposite. They’re energized by their outer worlds and need to spend time around other people to regenerate energy.

Susan Cain, author of the bestselling book “Quiet,” has a test you can take online to find out where you fall in the introvert-extrovert spectrum. Once you know this, you can consciously shift your daily activities to match your energy type so can reenergize yourself in a way that best matches your needs.

Stimulate Energetic Hotspots

There are certain parts of your body that you can touch or massage to stimulate pleasure, induce relaxation, and even perk you up a bit. Reflexology involves massaging parts of the feet, hands and head, which are believed to hold reflex points that are linked to other parts of the body. An easy way to do a DIY reflexology massage on yourself is by taking a golf ball and rolling it along your wrist against a flat surface — or alternatively you can roll the ball along soles of your feet against the floor.

Some people find that tapping their thymus, a gland located in the upper middle area of the chest, is an effective way to stimulate and balance energy. You can try giving it gentle but firm thump with your fist. You can also try rubbing the area or softly scratching it for a few seconds.

Use Healing & Invigorating Scents

Aromatherapy can be one of your best friends when you’re feeling drained or in need of an energy boost. Your best bet would be to choose an essential oil known to have healing properties that promote calmness, alertness, concentration, and memory enhancement. Some good choices include jasmine (except for pregnant women), lemon, rosemary, lavender, cinnamon and peppermint.

Both jasmine and lavender are ideal for soothing the nervous system when you need to relax. Rosemary, cinnamon, and peppermint are great for energizing the mind. If you don’t have a diffuser, mix a few drops with some water in a spray bottle to give the room you’re in an aromatic spray. You can also put a drop or two on a cotton ball and take a whiff.

Keep these energy balancing tips in mind and use them next time you find yourself going overboard without taking the time or effort to rejuvenate yourself. This will ensure a healthier ebb and flow of energy so you can fully enjoy what you love doing most.