5 Eco-Friendly, Nature-Inspired Holiday Decoration Ideas

5 Eco-Friendly, Nature-Inspired Holiday Decoration Ideas

Whether you’re a yogi who celebrates Christmas, Hanukkah, the Winter Solstice, or any other December holiday or tradition, taking inspiration from nature for your decor is an inexpensive and eco-friendly way to celebrate.

If you have a little extra time and a crafty DIY side, making your own decorations from wood, pinecones, moss, leaves, acorns, berries and other pieces of nature can be a fun and rewarding experience—especially if you have kids who’d like to get involved.

Our Yogi Surprise members will be receiving two special decorative gifts in their December Lifestyle boxes, but here are a few more decorative ideas for our members and Yogi Journal readers who really want to get into the holiday spirit!


Golden Tree Branches


Image via Culturescribe


Go out into the woods and look for branches that have already fallen to the ground (to avoid having to break any off of the trees). Mediums-sized branches with a long end and several smaller branches at the top are ideal.

Get some non-toxic gold (or even silver) paint and spray them or use a brush to give them a shiny holiday look. Simply add them to a vase and you’re done!


Cranberry and Rosemary Mason Jar Centerpieces


Image via Damask & Dentelle


Got a few mason jars around your home? They’ll make perfect centerpieces for when you have to entertain guests!

Fill them up with water, add several sprigs of rosemary and then drop a bunch of fresh cranberries into them before adding an all-natural floating candle on top. These make simple, yet festive centerpieces that are not only colourful but also very rustic looking.


Painted Pinecone Wreath



Real evergreen wreaths are lovely, but they certainly don’t last. If you know a pine tree or two that have shed all their pinecones for the season, gather them up and use them to make your own unique pinecone wreath.

Paint them in whichever colors you like before arranging and attaching them to a wire wreath frame. The blue one above would make a perfect decoration for celebrating Hanukkah or the winter season.


Glass Ball Ornament Terrarium


Image via Couleur Nature


Put a creative spin on traditional Christmas ball ornaments by getting clear glass ones and filling them with bits of nature. Glass is ideal because it’s a much more eco-friendly material, but if you have kids or pets, plastic ones might be safer.

Add soil, moss, twigs, plants and an optional ribbon for the top. Here are some detailed instructions for how to go about making your own!


Gold Dipped Acorns


Image via Housely


Acorns typically fall from oak trees throughout the autumn season, so if you know of one in your area, now might be a good time to go collect a few (if the squirrels haven’t already, of course).

Paint or dip the ends in gold or silver paint, leaving the tops bare. Tie some string or ribbon to the stems to hang them as cute little tree ornaments or simply place them in a bowl or glass vase as a centerpiece.