7 Undeniable Signs You're Connecting With Your Higher Self Thanks to Your Yoga Practice

7 Undeniable Signs You're Connecting With Your Higher Self Thanks to Your Yoga Practice

Yoga is the practice of self-exploration, which allows us to discover our true selves. As you climb higher and higher up the levels of human consciousness, certain changes in mood, attitude, thought processes, behaviour, and and more are bound to occur.

Here are just seven signs that you’re moving beyond the limitations of living a low consciousness life and closer toward true happiness and peace.


1. You feel happier and more positive—even though nothing in your life has really changed.

One of the clearest signs of reaching a higher state of being is that your mood is no longer quite as reliant on your external world in order to feel good. Changes are occurring at an inner level if you begin to feel content with life as it is, regardless of whether or not you've acquired material items, been recognized and praised by others, or accomplished any big goals.


2. You begin to appreciate yourself more for exactly who you are in this moment.

Most people have things they wish they could change about themselves. People living high consciousness lives, however, question their beliefs about how they ought to be and begin to see themselves as a continuous work-in-progress. They know that the key to unconditional self-love starts with seeing their flaws as not problems that need to be solved, but attributes that make them unique.


3. You find it easier to mindfully accept and contemplate problems.

It’s impossible to be a human and not have problems. A yogi who’s living more consciously knows that trying to resist and control reality only leads to more suffering, so they learn tp embrace the discomfort, the unpredictability, and the lessons that those lessons have to offer.


4. You feel more inspired to incorporate elements of nature into your life.

Whether you live in one of the largest cities in the world or simply lived a very urban lifestyle for as long as you can remember, a sign of your growth can be proven by the inexplicable pull you feel toward nature. You may want to start eating more of a plant-based diet, going for daily walks in the park, or tweaking your habits so they’re less harmful on the environment.


5. You find more joy in the process or journey rather than the goal or outcome.

It’s easy to get caught up in the fantasy of a future self, or a future life that’s so much better than where you are right now. But those living in higher states of consciousness know that the ego always wants more, regardless of how big and extravagant a goal they just achieved might be. Instead, they live for the joy of experiencing and learning from what they can do in the current moment.


6. You start noticing more messages from your intuition.

Modern society puts logic on a pedestal, and so most people have been taught all their lives to place greater importance on facts rather than feelings. Intuition is hardly ever logical, but yogis living in higher states of consciousness know that the subtle sensations their guts are sending them are important and meaningful pieces of information.


7. You naturally give others more of your presence and feel a connection to them—even total strangers.

People living low consciousness lives are mostly only concerned with themselves, so their minds force them to tune out from others and avoid seeing things more clearly from other perspectives. But those who interact with others from a higher state have learned to set their egos aside and really tune into the words, tone of voice, body language, actions, and behaviors of other people so that they may understand and empathize with them.