Balancing Variety With Routine in Your Yoga Practice and in Your Life

Balancing Variety With Routine in Your Yoga Practice and in Your Life

There’s a lot of good stuff to be said about having a solid routine. Routine is what we need to build better habits, make progress in the direction we want to go in, and become the best versions of ourselves.

Without variety in our routines, however, even the most productive routine can start to feel pretty dull and boring. We're wired for novelty, and when we learn through exposure to new things, our brains form new neural pathways to keep it healthy and functioning at its best even as we age. Shaking things up in our routines by adding something new allows us think more creatively and also activates the part of the brain responsible for pleasure.

Combining routine with variety in a way that works best is a delicate balancing act. Add too much variety to your routine, and you might just end up sabotaging your progress or confusing your body. Likewise, too strict of a routine could eventually leave you feeling uninspired and inattentive as your habitual behaviours become more automatic.

Whether you want to strike the right balance between routine and variety in your yoga practice or in another area of your life, the following tips can help you do it.

Plan for the Future, But Stay Present

Routine is often all about making sure we’re on track with whatever we need to do next. When we have a proper routine in place, we know what we’ll be doing in the next hour, this afternoon, tomorrow, and maybe even next week or next month. Routine basically means always having a future plan of habits in place.

When we get caught off guard with something unexpected, our routines tend to be impacted, and this can be frustrating when we think we need to stick with them all the time, no matter what. Instead of clinging to it for the sake of your future progress, take a moment to be present.

Your routine must always be flexible enough to be able to take care of whatever happens in the moment. Something as simple as feeling bored or unproductive makes it okay to stray from your regular routine toward something different.

Practice Thinking Both Intuitively and Logically

For most logical-minded people, a solid routine is almost always the way to go. There’s no time to fool around, because there’s work to be done and progress to be made, no matter how uncomfortable it is to stick with it 24/7.

It might seem logical to stick to a routine for the sake of making great progress in the most linear way possible, but intuition will tell you otherwise when the time is right for a shake-up in your routine. Here’s how you can get more deeply in touch with your intuition so you can become more aware of what your spirit is trying to tell you.

Dream, But Keep Your Feet on the Ground

Intuitive thinking is really more about feeling, and then deciding what those feelings mean. While intuition certainly brings us closer to our authentic desires, without staying grounded and using logic, we can easily get swept into fantasy land where all we want to do is keep jumping from one thing to the next without any consistency at all — in hopes of magically making all our dreams come true.

Remember to stay grounded as your intuition inspires you to dream about all the endless possibilities each new experience might bring you. Variety can be seriously enjoyable, but even your intuition probably won’t want you to stray too far from your regular routine just to satisfy more of your heart’s desires.

The balancing act won't be perfect. Keep these tips in mind, do your best, and learn from everything you do so you can make tweaks to your current routine or discover more about the types of new and spontaneous experiences you enjoy most.