3 Ayurvedic Tips for Spring Skincare

3 Ayurvedic Tips for Spring Skincare

Your skin is a living, breathing part of your physical body that’s constantly changing. According to Ayurveda (yoga’s sister science), skincare should flow along with Mother Nature by changing with the seasons.

Early spring is kapha season, characterized by cold and oiliness from increased moisture after a long winter. As we move into late spring, increased warmth brings us closer to pitta season, marked by lightness and hotter temperatures that tell us summer is on its way.

If you haven’t already tweaked your skincare regimen since the end of winter, now is the time to do so. Here are a few skincare tips that will nourish and balance our your skin as we make the transition from cold to warm again.

Detox Your Skin from the Inside Out

Spring is a renewing time of year when it becomes a very popular trend to cleanse or detoxify our minds and bodies of what has accumulated throughout the winter months. And when it comes to our skin, a healthy looking outer glow starts with what we put into our bodies.

Drinking plenty of water and incorporating more foods that help with detoxification will help your skin release toxins. Begin by reducing the amount of heavy, fried, and oily foods so that you can replace them with more green veggies, juicy fruits, whole grains, and spices that help stimulate digestion.

Massage Your Skin with Warm Oil to Lift Impurities

The increased moisture and warmth in the air brought by spring helps to naturally eliminate toxins and impurities that tend to build up over winter, but we can help the process along by gently massaging the skin with warm oil. Suggested oils to use include sesame oil, olive oil, or mustard oils.

If you know what dosha is your dominant one, you can select an oil that that works to balance it out. Warm a bottle or bowl of oil by placing it in your sink full of warm water and then gently apply a small amount to your skin, massaging slowly in a circular motion. You can optionally steam your skin first by holding your head over a bowl of hot water with a towel over your head to help open up your pores.

Go Light on Moisturizing

Now that the dryness of winter has passed, there’s no need to heavily moisturize the skin quite as much since it could cause oiliness. You don’t have to give up your moisturizing routine completely, but switching to a lighter moisturizer will go a long way.

Depending on how frequently you decide to massage and cleanse your skin with warm oil as suggested in the previous paragraphs, you may not even need to apply a moisturizer to your skin since the oil will be moisturizing enough. If you received our Lifestyle Box for March, you should have received our nutrient-rich coconut firming facial mask, which will not only hydrate your skin, but also soften and improve its appearance.

Anyone can use the above tips, but be sure to tailor your skincare regimen to your unique skincare needs as well. Whether you sense that your dominant dosha is pitta or you know that your skin is prone to acne and blemishes, make adjustments where necessary to keep your skin healthy and glowing all spring long.