6 Green Ways to Stay Warm This Fall & Winter

6 Green Ways to Stay Warm This Fall & Winter

While there are certainly lots of creative and eco-friendly ways to keep cool during the summer, it’s now time to switch gears as we prepare to turn up the heat to withstand the colder weather that comes with the fall season now really setting in and the eventual arrival of winter.

Cranking the thermostat up or taking extra long hot showers are indeed common ways to deal with the cold, but they’re not very eco-friendly — or wallet-friendly either. Believe it or not, being kind to the environment while saving energy and money during the colder seasons is easier than you might think.

Build Heat in Your Practice

You can definitely work up a good sweat while on the mat. Consider working more poses into your practice that really challenge your muscles. Something as simple as flowing through your Chaturanga-Up Dog-Down Dog Vinyasa and practicing your Warrior poses (Warrior I, Warrior II, Reverse Warrior, Warrior III) can be enough to really build heat and even get those little beads of sweat forming.

Skip the Ice-Cold Smoothies

Smoothies are deliciously refreshing and nutritious, but if you blend them with ice, they’re likely to make you cool off a little too much if you sip on them in the winter months. If you can’t give up your smoothies, at least try skipping the ice and frozen fruit. Go for a creamier texture by using room temperature liquids (water, coconut milk, etc.) and fresh fruits.

Embrace Hot Comfort Foods

When we say “comfort foods,” think hearty soups, healthy slow cooker recipes, whole grain pasta dishes or casseroles, and herbal teas. Take advantage of some of the season’s fresh produce like sweet potatoes, squash, cabbage, and more. Your kitchen may get a little warm-up from all that cooking, but more importantly, it will warm you up from the inside out when you sit down to enjoy it!

Curl Up With a Hot Water Bottle

Sitting in one place for too long can definitely cause your body temperature to drop, so other than getting up and moving around a little to warm up, another eco-friendly way to stay warm is to sit with a hot water bottle. This is a great alternative to an electric blanket or a hot shower since you can reheat the same water again and again, and it’s wonderfully soothing when you’re on on the couch or lying in bed!

Light a Few Candles

While they may not compare to a real fireplace, a few candles placed safely out of the way in may help bring the temperature of the room you're in up a little bit. Try choosing eco-friendly soy candles scented with essential oils rather than going for paraffin candles. Just be sure to use them when you’re in the room and put them out when you leave!

Make Heat-Friendly Tweaks to Your Home

There are lots of easy little changes you can make to your home to ensure that it stays warm. Insulated curtains will keep the heat in and cold out while area rugs will prevent heat from escaping through the floors. Examining all windows and doors any sealing any cracks will also make a big difference. And lastly, consider closing the doors to empty nearby rooms, which will provide a barrier for the heat to stay only where you need it.

There’s no need to spend this fall and winter perpetually cold for the sake of keeping your thermostat a couple of degrees lower in an effort to help out the environment. And anyway, spring and summer will be back before you know it!