Tis true, sitting poses are the most versatile

Nobody needs to get up in arms defending standing poses, arm balances, balance postures, and inversions. I didn’t say they were the best. I said they are the most adaptable and accessible. I’m also not arguing about if they should be called seated or sitting poses. They are the same and it’s a preference.

When I broke my leg in an ATV accident 4 years ago, sitting poses were my very best friend and savior from insanity. Sounds dramatic, but when you teach yoga for a living and practice daily, having options are vital when you can’t walk or stand without crutches. That’s when I first discovered

Here’s a short list of the many ways sitting poses can offer a well-rounded practice:

  • You can work hard or hardly. I absolutely love that it’s a choice in sitting poses. And no one knows except for you how much you are choosing to chill or that you’re busting ass. That’s pretty delicious.
  • If you have a foot, ankle, tibia, fibula, or knee injury, you can still do sitting poses. You can work your core and allow the injury to heal. You can engage your quadriceps and continue to build those muscle groups isometrically.
  • Sitting poses are fabulous for working into your hamstrings, hips, and core.
  • They are a great place to transition into several arm balances, backbends, and core strengtheners. From the sitting pose of Janu Sirsasana (head to knee forward bend)
  • They stabilize. Sitting poses offer a much stronger sense of security. Distraction goes away and the ability to focus is easier when you’re not concerned with falling out of a pose. We get a bigger base to work from and being much closer to the floor helps us shift our goals.
  • Perspective shifts lead us to new ideas. Seeing the world from the ground versus standing helps us consider things in a different way. If we always operate from the same point of view, we’ll miss possibilities and cut off our creativity.

Try this seated postures yoga sequence for strength, flexibility, and for the enjoyment and benefits they offer.