When was the last time you thought about a goal that you really want to achieve, but told yourself you had no motivation to work toward it? No shame here — everyone deals with this problem!

Motivation is a funny thing. Millions of books and articles have been written on the topic, making it seem like it’s one of the most mysterious and overly complicated aspects of human behavior. In truth, however, getting motivated really is as simple as getting in touch with your true feelings and doing your best to ground yourself in reality.

Here are 10 simple tips to help you do just that.

1. Write down your big “why.” Sometimes you need a bold statement — in writing — to gain clarity amidst all the junk floating around in your mind and to remind yourself why you have this goal. Your “why” statement should be your main source of motivation.

2. Write down everything you can think of that you can use as a source of motivation. While you may have one big “why” for working toward a goal, you may have lots of little whys too, which may be nice additional perks. List these all out as well.

3. For every external motivator, identify its corresponding internal motivator. Real motivation comes from within, so external motivators like earning lots of money and getting a hot body won’t cut it. Instead, internal motivators like freedom (instead of money) and self-love (instead of a hot body) may be what you’re really looking for.

4. Picture yourself at 85 years old wondering if it was worth saying no to hard work. Renowned motivational speaker Tony Robbins says that when he thinks about doing something uncomfortable, he imagines himself as an old man reflecting back on his life and asking himself what he would regret more — pursuing the difficult journey toward success and possibly failing, or not trying at all because it was too difficult or scary?

5. Think about the self-identity you want to embody right now. When people think about their goals, they tend to fixate on a new and improved version they’ll eventually be in the future. But what about right now? How would the person you want to be today behave and live their life?

6. Be compassionate toward your negative emotions. Your feelings reflect your true self. Embrace and nurture yourself even through the fear, self-doubt, shame, guilt, sadness, anger, and frustration. Resisting your negative emotions holds you back from growth and could create catastrophe for you later.

7. Identify the fun or playfulness in what you need to do. You can make anything fun if you get creative enough. Turn your goal into a game and offer yourself rewards when you achieve something small.

8. Just commit to getting started for one minute. Any goal can seem daunting when you focus on how much time it’s going to take to get anywhere. Stop thinking and try to take action for just one minute. Anyone can do one minute!

9. Tell yourself that motivation isn’t given to you, but generated by you. One minute of action can easily turn into 20 minutes or more. This is because motivation builds with momentum. Getting started is often half the battle.

10. Trust in the process. You have no control over reality, but that doesn’t mean you won’t influence your progress or outcome. Trust that although progress may not happen on your own terms, the Universe will eventually reward you with what you truly desire if you keep going and keep learning.

Look to these 10 tips next time you could use a motivational boost and you’ll be far less likely to find yourself putting things off or succumbing to fear and self-doubt. Good luck!