To have passion means to experience strong, uncontrollable emotions. These emotions are the source of our deepest desires, driving us to act on them and helping us grow to become more resilient even through some of the harshest obstacles and setbacks.

We all have passion, but years of living life the way society says we should, getting distracted by day-to-day tasks, staying too busy, and even worrying about what other people might think are just some of the things that keep our passion buried beneath our conscious awareness. It may seem like a daunting task to have to strip away these layers in order to uncover passionate emotion once again, but the truth is that a few small changes may be all that’s needed.

Whether you’re looking to give your overall sense of passion a tuneup or getting ready to embark on a journey toward discovering what you’re truly passionate about, the following tips are sure to help.

Detach from Outcome

Obsessively fixating on a goal or desired outcome is a surefire way to suck the passion out of the journey. You’re constantly living for the future and therefore never get to embrace the learning, the playfulness, the fun, and yes — even the messy mistakes. Whenever you catch yourself looking toward that desired future outcome, stop for a moment and bring yourself back to the present.

Be in Awe of Everyday Experiences

You may not always be aware of it, but you are always surrounded by awe-inspiring things. That houseplant in the corner, the birds in your window, the laughter of your spouse in the other room, and even the mysterious colors of your iris as you stare at your reflection in a mirror are all examples of everyday things we tend to overlook. When you really focus on them, however, you open yourself up to becoming aware of just how incredibly amazing they really are.

Look for Meaning in Everything

The beauty of life is that you get the opportunity to interpret every experience, every sign, every feeling, and every thought however you want to interpret it. If your everyday routine feels a bit boring, start questioning the meaning behind every mundane task or experience. Any of those things could potentially be a stepping stone toward something that could spark a greater sense of passion in your heart.

Do Things That Grow You

It’s hard to stay passionate when your routine leaves little room to learn and experience new things. To avoid falling into a rut, make sure you challenge yourself with new hobbies, projects, trips, books to read, people to meet, and anything else that adds a little variety to your everyday life. New experiences will naturally trigger your curiosity and sense of learning, which are of course two important characteristics of passion.

Look Inside Yourself

Passion can never be found outside of yourself. Although experiences you have throughout your life may trigger certain thoughts and feelings that spark passion, all of that is happening on an inner level. Try mindfulness meditation to help you become aware of sensations in your body, emotions that you feel, and limiting beliefs that you may have. The more aware you become, the more effortless it will be to feel more passionate about everything in life — from your career and family life, to your spirituality and sense of adventure.