We only become better versions of ourselves by creating consistent habits that move us in the direction where we want to go, and being patient with our progress. This is not only true in yoga, but true in all other areas of our lives as well.

A well-rounded yoga practice typically involves consistent practice of poses that help us improve over time mixed in with some new poses or sequences that keep us feeling inspired and open to learning. Doing the exact same thing is great for improvement, but it sure gets boring after a while with nothing fresh to look forward to, no matter how good we get at it!

Taking a new class, switching up yoga styles, or even going on a retreat are some obvious ways to shake up your own regular yoga practice, but if you’re looking for something a little more unique and exciting, consider trying some of the following ideas!

Grab a partner

Anyone who enjoys practicing yoga alongside others in a class might really enjoy getting a little more intimate with a partner. Partner yoga involves practicing with another person by connecting with their body, mind, and spirit through poses designed for two people. By practicing with a partner, you can improve your communication skills and also your ability to interpret body language.

Go nude

If you practice at home, ditching your favorite pair of yoga pants and top could be just what you need to really experience moving in your own body. Practicing nude also allows your body to breathe better and move more freely without being constricted by tighter clothing. Body image issues might even melt away completely if you make it a regular habit!

Focus on the season

Tailoring your practice so that it’s in alignment with the season is important for keeping your energies balanced and harnessing the power of nature to grow yourself accordingly. Summer is ideal for cooling, calmer practices while autumn and winter should be focused on grounding, warming, and centering. In the spring, you can shift your practice to something more energizing and stimulating.

Blindfold yourself

Just like practicing nude, tying a blindfold around your head to block your sight will put you deeply in touch with your body. Your sense of touch will be naturally heightened to make up for the coordination and balance that’s typically helped out by seeing your body and your surroundings in front of you. If you’d prefer to ease into a blindfolded practice to avoid toppling over, start out by just trying to keep your eyes closed through the majority of your practice.

Get a yoga wheel

Props can really make all the difference. You might already be well acquainted with yoga blocks, straps, blankets, and bolsters, but what about a yoga wheel? You may have seen a few yogis posting photos online of themselves practicing with this unusual prop. The yoga wheel can help you work up toward more difficult poses, stretch your muscles more effectively, and relieve tension. You can get one here.

As long as you’re always open to challenging yourself in new ways, you’ll never get stuck in a yoga rut. Pick one of the above options to try for your next practice and pay attention to how transformative it is!

Image (edited) via Dave Rosenblum