Pretty yoga poses look and feel glorious. Sure, some are fancy and extremely difficult. But there are also many lovely and not at all overly complicated postures that allow you to feel your most beautiful self.

Pretty poses help us to find and feel grace

You know that one friend, the one who’s never awkward? Even if she falls out of Half Moon Pose, she does it with an elegant flair as if it was on purpose. She never bumps into a wall while looking for a chapstick in her oversized bag. And not once has she ever knocked her water bottle over in yoga class. Ever.

There is undeniable beauty in thoughtful movement and subtle actions. And graceful executions require thoughtfulness, patience, and proprioception (knowing where your body lives in space). The awareness that comes from plotting out how to best go about any posture from High Crescent Lunge to Crow Pose is where the pretty yoga poses show up. Now, no doubt, some shapes are simply more adorable than others. Just take a quick peek at your IG feed. Certain postures such as Natarajasana(Dancer’s Pose) and Urdvah Danurasana(Upward-Facing Bow) variations get a little more love than Mountain Pose.

Pretty yoga poses require attention to transition and the willingness to force nothing

The travel method we employ moving from one pose into another is considered a posture all unto itself. Since we are each in a constant state of transition, it’s about the experience of moving from one thing to the next with as little stress as possible and as much ease and enjoyment as we can find. Our definition of pretty yoga poses changes. Whew, it feels like a lot. When we slow down we often wind up with more. More time, energy, appreciation, and yes, grace.

Yoga sequence to add elegance and beauty to your day

This is an accessible sequence. And if inversions and arm balances are your jam, sprinkle them in as you like. It may take a few rounds of practice to find the smooth and graceful execution that feels so satisfying. So stay with it. Add your own dramatic and subtle flair. Regardless, I hope you feel absolutely beautiful as you flow and move today. Because you are.

  • Begin in Chair Pose. Lift your right knee up toward your chest and place your right fingertips on the kneecap
  • Help your right leg to step back using fingertips. When you lose contact and the leg has landed on the soft pad of the ball of your foot. Extend your right arm forward and reach your left arm back into a twisted lunge.
  • Tilt back, left hand reaching for the back of the right thigh and the right arm reaching up towards the ceiling.
  • From that shape, move into Warrior 2 by parking your right foot all the way down to the ground and sweeping your right arm back as you simultaneously reach your left arm forward. Moving back and forth between these pretty poses becomes a thing of beauty all unto itself.
  • Tilt back towards your right leg, breathing deeply, then lift back through Warrior 2 briefly as you bring your right palm to the ground while lifting your right heel back up and reach your left arm towards the ceiling again.
  • From there, lift back into the twisted lunge, right arm forward, left arm back. Take as many rounds as you like to getter more fluid in your transitions.

It will get easier and feel more natural as you continue to practice

We all know practice is the answer to just about everything. Here’s wishing you a beautiful practice and day!