The word Yoga beholds various connotations. Ultimately it is derived from the Sanskrit root yuk meaning to control, to unite or yoke. Yogis walk many Yoga paths yet ultimately, these paths all lead to the same destination. Yoga is an inward journey, expressed outwardly through practice to remember our true nature and connect with our deepest divine selves.

Once more, let’s look to Mother Nature for inspiration: a tree, perhaps one of the most commonly used metaphors and visuals in Yoga (and for noble cause). A tree’s life support lies hidden beneath the earth. When the struggle of her being is tested she can retreat to her humble beginnings. Her roots provide nutrients, they are sheltered from autumn’s bluster and winter’s frost. It is only when the heated light of spring has called to her and the kiss of summer has loved her, that a tree bears her fruit for all to see.


Our roots are our life stories

Since the dawn of time, we have pursued spiritual quests to transcend above human consciousness. Our hearts beat with a deep longing to connect with something deep inside to find a sense of belonging and meaning.  By understanding and accepting your roots, you can grow your sense of self, yielding strength to go through life with a sense of meaning. Even those whose carry little knowledge of their roots or experienced a troubled beginning will continue living. Let’s not forget that storms make roots run deep and it is by exhuming these roots that problems are unearthed and tended to. The choice to connect with your roots is ultimately yours. Needless to say you wouldn’t be exactly where you are right now without them.

Roots define us, even in their darkest earthy depths, they provide nourishment, warmth and offer the prospect of growth.


Roots provide grounding

Roots are an organic aspect of life. A magnificent tree cannot grow towards the sun without a strong foundation. In the practice of Yoga asana, one needs a solid base in order to root down and grow. How you cultivate your foundation is the key to creating a sagacious stable asana where you can simply be there and be still in your space. This is why “Rooting to Transcend” is a fairly common expression in Yoga classes. Off the Yoga mat, a strong sense of grounding can stem into all aspects of life; setting intentions, starting anew, making simple and large decisions. The art of mindfulness is about creating a sense of grounding and basing your actions on a firmly rooted belief. Before any decision, if you take time to ground yourself and connect with your core you will be able to see the wood through the trees and the right outcome will arise.

The value of being grounded will grow your sense of direction on this earthly journey. It will turn the wheel of your Muladhara, root chakra and provide a sense of balance and creative energy.


Roots are connections

Although the expanding roots of tree lay hidden beneath the soil you know they are there, for her trunk grows tall and her leaves unfold and flutter. When the right moment arises she flourishes to bear delicious fruit. This is only so, because her roots are many and sturdy. Just as the trees, sun and moon belong to the universe, so do you. It exists within you and the principle that one thing leads to another, whether it is clear to you or not, is a comforting notion.

We are all connected, attracted by energy and from time to time, the small things grow into bigger things to change the fortunes of our lives.

[tweetable alt=””]“I’m planting a tree to teach me to gather strength from my deepest roots.”
– Andrea Koehle Jones[/tweetable]

To celebrate the theme of the month, The Yogi Surprise team are going root deep unearthing the kernels of Yoga. Keep your Drishti, focused gaze on new journal entries and social posts on the roots of Yoga and our latest Yoga Sequence; Rooting Down.

Join us on Instagram to participate in our September yoga challenge on becoming rooted, inspired from Tao, verse 26:

The heavy is the root of the light.

The unmoved is the source of all movement.

Thus the Master travels all day

without leaving her home.

However splendid the views

he stays serenely in herself.

He stays poised and centred

in the midst of all activities.

Why should the Master be amused

at the foolishness of the world?

If you let yourself be blown to and fro,

you lose touch with your root.

If you let restlessness move you,

you lose touch with who you are.

Tao, verse 26


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