I’d put getting a trigger points massage right up there with oysters and champaign for dinner. It’s extremely necessary to lead a happy life and be in optimal health.

There’s nothing to argue here. If you can swing it, go get yourself a professional massage once a month. If that’s not in the budget, perhaps you have a willing partner or friend who’s game to quid pro quo with you.

When none of this is feasible, you’ve always got yourself to rely on. And self-massage has loads of benefits, so we should be doing that anyway on the reg.

There are trigger points lurking, waiting for you to find them

They’re not hidden. They’re just not always obvious. The excitement lives inside the self-discovery of what feels insanely good to you. It’s also pertinent information to know what’s really irritable in your body and how to handle those delicate spots. Do you like it when someone tickles your arm? A lot of people love it.  I dislike it so much it makes my hair grow in different directions. Trigger points are different for each of us. So we need and deserve to spend some time in self-exploration.

What exactly are trigger points and how do they work?

According to Massage Envy, trigger points are “tight areas within the muscle or connective tissue that cause pain in other parts of the body. Trigger points massage therapy is specifically designed to alleviate the source of irritation through cycles of isolated pressure and release. The massage receiver actively participates through deep breathing and identification of the exact locations and intensity of discomfort.”

I don’t want to be in pain, do you? Releasing and mitigating pain removes distraction in our bodies and help us redirect that energy elsewhere. Learning to do this for ourselves is important daily work and a form of self-care that may be missing from your life.

Benefits of Self-Massage

According to the Yoga Healer, these are some of the numerous benefits of self-massage:

  • Calming of the nerves
  • Lubrication of the joints
  • Increased circulation (yes, please!)
  • better sleep
  • Toning of the muscles

I’m sold, you? The Yoga Healer recommends using oil (such as sesame oil), long strokes over limbs and circular strokes over joints, chest, and your belly. You can use your hands or a hand-held massage tool to assist you in finding the right pressure to manage your own trigger points.

Add this to your self-care routine. We require an arsenal of ways to take the very best care of ourselves possible. When we take the time to attend to ourselves, we have so much more to offer to the world at large. We know this. So we must.

What’s your favorite way to take care of you? Please comment so we can all benefit and learn from your techniques.