People who are truly confident in themselves know how to trust in their abilities to do what they need to do. They don’t question the qualities that make them unique, and they feel secure about their sense of judgment.

Self-confidence is something that anyone can learn to develop. Starting out as a shy or self-conscious child doesn’t mean you’re stuck like that for life, and we know this is true from all the inspiring stories that celebrities, business people, and other high-profile individuals have shared about their journeys toward personal success.

The great thing about yoga is that it’s actually a natural confidence booster. You may find that after a few weeks or months of practice, you’ll actually feel better about your appearance, act more assertive in social situations, be less indecisive, and experience enhanced confidence in all sorts of other areas of your life.

Here are some of the major ways yoga helps you become your most confident version.

It increases your awareness so you can reach self-acceptance. Building confidence always starts with accepting yourself just as you are. And because yoga is all about increasing awareness to dissolve the ego, you naturally begin to recognize and accept what you’re capable of and what your limits are.

It encourages you to treat yourself right so you can develop self-respect. It’s nearly impossible to feel confident when you’re constantly using negative self-talk. As you continue to work on your awareness and discover more about who you really are, you’ll develop more compassion toward yourself, which will help turn that negative inner voice into the type of self-talk that’s much more forgiving and nurturing.

It helps you grow yourself to inspire more self-love. Yoga is a never ending journey that involves constant self-improvement. Whether you’re working to improve your physical strength, your peace of mind, your connection with others, your understanding of the world around you, or anything else — recognizing your growth in those areas will take you beyond self-acceptance to a place where liking yourself and even fully loving yourself is easier than ever before.

It detoxifies your state of being through mindfulness meditation. Thoughts are flowing through your mind and influencing your behavior all the time, whether you’re aware of it or not. Since low self-confidence is often exasperated by thoughts that have been left to run wild, it helps to quiet the mind by detaching from it completely through meditative practices.

It promotes gratitude to attract more abundance. When you feel like you’re missing something that you think you should already have, you might find yourself feeling worried and incapable of getting it. But you when flip that over by instead looking at everything you have right now and how grateful you are for all those things, you automatically start generating the confidence you need to attract so much more.

Confidence is basically a synonym for inner peace and happiness. When you’re at peace, you’re happy — and when you’re truly happy, your self-confidence will be unshakeable.

Photo (edited) via Stephan Bartels