I feel it too. The itch to go. A longing to be somewhere odd, foreign, really anywhere that’s not where you live.

Wanderlust is a constant theme in the yoga community. Every other conversation I have is about where someone just traveled or an impending trip. And I never tire of discussing it and hearing other’s stories of other lands, foods, languages, and landscapes. The physical effects of wanderlust are apparent immediately. It’s like eating something spicy, knowing from the first bit that you’re going to be on a ride for a little while. And there’s only one cure. You have to go. Heed the call. Get your fix.
Most of us take a trip or two a year if we’re lucky. And too many of us get caught up in work, obligation, who’s going to watch the dog, and we can’t afford it. Yeah. It’s easy to find excuses and reasons to skip travel and do the easier thing. The boring thing. But it’s not going to ignite your imagination or stir your soul now, is it?

I regard traveling at the bottom of the list of the hierarchy of needs. Food, shelter, clothing, water, travel

And what if you make five figures and there never seems to be much left over to book that flight or afford the hotel?
And that’s where inventive souls who also regard travel as a need versus an indulgence have stepped up. They’ve created situations where one can travel, work, and love every second of it.
Need some ideas about how to satiate your wanderlust? Oh super, cause we’ve got some!

Wanderlust Festival

You saw that coming, right? Wanderlust takes place all over the United States and Canada, and the volunteer opportunities abound. If you’ve ever wanted to attend the festival but decided it wasn’t in the budge, volunteering with a few of your yoga and travel-loving comrades could be the perfect way to have it all. Always wanted to go to Tahoe? Cool, Wanderlust sets up there once a year. Volunteering gets you a free pass to yoga, music, speakers, and really all the festival has to offer. Renting a small house with several friends really takes the sting out of accommodation fees. And everything is more fun with people you love. Make it happen. Reach out to Wanderlust today to submit your application.

Yoga Trade

This brainchild is the result of a yoga and surf-loving couple and their creative, travel-loving friend – all wanting to not just create opportunities for themselves but for others who share their passion for yoga, travel, and community building. These folks are truly living their dharma and they want to help you do that too.

For a paltry $36 bones a year ($48.00 for two years), you can get access to tons of work trade, volunteering, and continuing education opportunities. You just have to get yourself there. Wanna teach yoga in a tree house? You can! Interested in spending a month in Sri Lanka at a yoga retreat living, practicing, and taking photographs? That experience is just lying in wait for you. Sign up with Yoga Trade for free to peruse their offerings. They want yoga teachers, photographers, and chefs who cook health food with love to join their team. Locations range from Costa Rica to Portugal to Columbus, Ohio. Their emails only wet your thirst and prod you to dream and dream big. Check out Yoga Trade for opportunities that will make your heart burst and get you going on your next travel adventure.

If flights and rooming feel a little out of reach at the moment, short road trips that involve your dog, camping, and hiking are always available cheap and easy excursions to satisfy your soul’s yearning. Beauty is everywhere. We must continue to make the effort so our experiences can feed us. We never have to go hungry. And luckily our mats love travel as much as we do.