Believe it or not, green tea isn’t just for drinking. In fact, the teabags or looseleaf contents from this ancient and powerful beverage can actually be repurposed around your home, in your garden, and even in your skincare routine.

So don’t toss them out too quickly before thinking about how you can extend their use. Instead, save them up and pick a few ways to reuse them from the list of suggestions below.

1. Freshen up your yoga mat. While essential oils (like tea tree oil) and organic mat sprays are great for keeping your yoga mat clean and bacteria-free, green tea is another good alternative. Just add your used green tea bags to some warm water and use a washcloth to clean and eliminate any lingering odors from your mat.

2. Deodorize your cat’s litter box. Leave some looseleaf green tea out to dry completely and then it to your cat’s litter box for a natural solution to neutralize odors. You can even place them in other stinky places to suck up bad odors, like near the trash can.

3. Break down caked-on food and grease. Next time you cook up a storm, try adding a few used green tea bags to your dishes left to soak in warm water in the sink. The acidic tennis is exactly what you need to help lift and remove all that extra grease and gunk.

4. Polish wooden flooring. Switch from your regular floor cleaner to green tea bags to give it some extra shine. Fill a bucket with boiling water plus 5 to 10 tea bags and use it with a mop or cloth to clean your floors. This technique can even work for wooden furniture too.

5. Wash windows and mirrors. Say no to Windex and yes to green tea! Just brew up another batch of tea with your used looseleaf tea or teabags, wait until it cools to room temperature, pour it into a spray bottle and give a couple of sprays to your windows and mirrors to wipe them down.

6. Cleanse carpets. Around 10 minutes before you run your vacuum over your carpets, try sprinkling some used, dry green tea over them. The tea will help lift odors and other grimy stuff away so you can vacuum it up.

7. Help your houseplants. Take your looseleaf tea or rip open your teabags and sprinkle the loose stuff over the soil of your houseplants to enrich the soil and keep insects away. Keeping a used, dried teabag beneath the soil can also help absorb any extra water and redistribute it more evenly.

8. Speed up decomposition. Your compost pile can benefit from tossing used green tea bags (as long as the bags are biodegradable) in with the rest of your organic waste. You can even pour a few cups of twice-brewed green tea into your compost to help with acidity and speed up the entire decomposition process.

9. Soothe certain skin conditions. Got a sunburn or an itchy mosquito bite? Green tea has healing properties that can help fight inflammation and aid in the relief of a variety of non-severe burns and wounds. Simply take a used, cold green tea bag and apply it as a compress on the affected area.

10. Give yourself a facial. You don’t need to have a burn or bite for your skin to benefit from green tea since it can also soothe tired eyes, reduce puffiness and act as a hydrating facial. You can steam your face over a bowl of hot water with the tea bags or brew up another batch with your used tea, let cool and transfer to a spray bottle to spray your face with once or twice daily.

So what are you waiting for? Time to brew up your next batch of green tea and start saving the leftovers! Now you have even more good excuses to start drinking more of it.