January is a time of rest, reflection, and restoration of the body and mind. With a year passed and a new year ahead, we find ourselves at a spiritual and physical crossroads, encouraged to take a look back at our efforts since the last January of our lives. How far have we come? How far do we have left to go? While the journey may still be long, the sense of newness and purpose breathes itself into the month – with January comes such possibility.

Still in the midst of winter, the cold and wet world around us challenges the immune system the same way the New Year challenges the mind. Our bodies and souls are strained, yet equally reaffirmed by the communal push toward health and a new commitment to one’s goals. This month, we’ll focus on relieving that strain, comforting the soul, and empowering the self to make the great changes it feels so necessary to pursue.

Rejuvenation for the Body, Mind and Soul

While reflection is important, it’s remains crucial to live in the present moment, tending to your present needs. What’s more, rejuvenating the body, mind, and soul isn’t simply a task of thought, but also a task of action. Take time this month to care for the self, acutely focusing on the needs of the physical body and how those needs strengthen or weaken the resolutions you feel within the self.

Make Intent Driven Resolutions and Commit

When considering your New Year’s Resolutions, stray from cliché or socially pressured goals. Instead, dive deep within yourself and encourage the asking of profound questions. What are big goals you want to target this next year? What are the steps you need to take for success? Why do you feel the need to accomplish these goals? It’s here, in thought, that you will discover your true desires for growth, and with a true desire in mind, you poise yourself for not just action, but success.


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