Whether you’ve set a bold new intention for your life or you just want to get through the rest of the workday, it can help to have a source of inspiration to put you in the right mindset and get the ball rolling. Sometimes wanting or needing to do something simply isn’t enough.

Inspiration is everywhere around you. You just need to open your eyes a little further to be able to see it. Once you do, you’ll be able to harness its message or symbolism in a way that really sparks the emotional desire you know you have deep down inside of you that’s moving you toward what you feel you want or need to  do.

Here are some good places to look.


You don’t necessarily need to head into the woods for a long walk to be inspired by nature. Simply looking out your window to gaze at the sun’s rays shining through the clouds or noticing that little houseplant in the corner can be all it takes to get inspired by what Mother Nature offers us. Practicing mindfulness while looking toward nature for inspiration can help you experience awe and appreciate the fact that you have this one life to do what you feel you came here to do.


Both fiction and non-fiction books can help shift your mindset when the story or information speaks to you deeply enough. If there’s a particular celebrity or high-profile individual who you admire, you may want to look into seeing if they’ve published an autobiography. If you’re short on time, you can even purchase books that contain collections of inspirational quotes for bite-sized helpings of inspiration.

Your Past

If you’ve ever written in a journal — whether it was back when you were a kid or maybe even just last month — now’s the time to get it out and read it. Reading past journal entries will bring you joy and give you a sense of how much you’ve grown, which can certainly be enough to inspire you to move forward. If you haven’t kept a journal from the past, consider grabbing a pen and piece of paper to start journaling about your past right now with a focus on how much you’ve grown up until now, making sure to mention big achievements and lessons learned along the way.

Future Possibilities

Just like becoming aware of the personal growth you’ve experienced over the past several years can inspire you to do something, so too can thinking about what’s in store for the future. Thinking about the future as a source of inspiration, however, can only work when it’s done from a positive and curious state as opposed to a negative and anxious state. Consider what positive things you’d love to achieve or experience and how it would make you feel.

The People in Your Life

Finding inspiration in other people can be as simple as noticing a funny quirk about a coworker or watching children play in a nearby park. Look toward your parents, your siblings, your other relatives, your friends, your neighbors, and even complete strangers you meet in public places — like the cashier at the grocery store or the mailman. Every single person has unique gifts to share with the world, so ask yourself what you see in them or what you already know about them that might inspire you to become your best self.

Inspiration and motivation go hand in hand. To find out how to get the active momentum going after finding inspiration, check out these 10 simple ways to motivate yourself.