Our Dharma

We want connection without apology, explanations, or holding back. We want to expand your world and ours so we can support one another near and far. And we offer you the tools to expand your practice and foster it in the direction of how you choose to lead your life.

We want to help you discover your truth and connect you with like-minded others who are living their dreams. Our Dharma unearths the direction towards becoming the greatest versions of ourselves and developing the fortitude to not be easily deterred once our true path is revealed.

Our passions offer a compass and a guidebook so when we inevitably get lost, we know where first to look. Tools and touchstones help. So we've dedicated ourselves to curating the best and most useful offerings for you.

More than a box

There is no action too small.

Each time we underestimate the value of what we have to offer, we rob the world of our specific and intricate gifts. We champion you and what each of us has to offer. We support people everywhere and what they dream of supplying through loving dedication to craft, design, hope, creativity, and wisdom. Never think you're not doing enough. Giving back to the world in any way is never insignificant.

We've begun our own efforts by working with the Yoga on High Foundation to support those with a dream of becoming a yoga teacher but don't have the funds to make this desire happen on their own.

We'll say it again because it bears repeating often.
No action is too small. There is just sincerity.

Each Yogi Surprise box has impeccable standards. Our products are non-GMO, cruelty-free, and our standards for quality, beauty, usefulness will never be sacrificed. We actively seek out and support incredible, like-minded individuals who produce the offerings we curate into each thoughtfully woven box.

Can we join you on your yoga journey?