Gift-giving is a welcomed tradition in many cultures all over the world, but some gifts are best received from the inside-out; from a place where love and appreciation begins. As the upcoming holiday season is sure to bring lots of seasonal fare and packaged treats, know that the gifts of gratitude are available within you every day.

Move through this month of thanks and giving with awareness, and think about ways that you can lift your spirit and enliven your energetic vibration by bringing more gratitude into your way of being. This starts by showing love and thanks to yourself, to your intentions and to your continuous journey.

The Beauty Within

Your being — your mind, body and spirit — are with you every day, and one of the best ways to stay in alignment with yourself is to embrace the practice of gratitude. Be thankful for those things that you may normally take for granted (and that some people are unable to experience) — the ability to breathe, to walk, to eat, to speak, to grow, to connect, to love, to live.

For all the beautiful sunsets you’ve seen, and for all the radiant love that flows to you from family, friends and even strangers, know that there is just as much beauty and love within yourself, and it’s up to you to create time and space for this internal light.

Open Up and Receive

Showing thanks to yourself will help you to receive all gifts of gratitude, because it will help you see life from a more vital and vibrant lens, from a place of wonder and excitement, instead of fear and judgement.

This November, Yogi Surprise has packed a box with gratitude in mind. The gifts inside will give you fun and inspiring tools to promote love and thanks for yourself — a feeling of gratitude that will spread to all who you encounter. Pass the gifts of gratitude on to others this season, because sometimes our lights shine the brightest when we spread the flame all around.

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