Do you know much about the Doshas? If that word ‘Doshas’ doesn’t ring any bells, they are the three systems in our bodies that make up Ayurveda, “the science and knowledge of life.” Ayurvedic practitioners treat symptoms with nutritional and lifestyle changes versus medication. Take this quiz to learn more about the three Doshas: Pitta, Vata, and Kapha, and where your imbalance lives. Each of us possesses all three, and we all have a predominance in one, sometimes two, of the Doshas.

The point is to know ourselves better. When we gain knowledge, we acquire tools that allow us to see things differently and, therefore, make alternate decisions based on this new information.  Once you learn where your predominance is, you might decide to not add hot sauce to everything or maybe you’ll commit to getting more than 6 hours of sleep each night.
If you learn you’re predominantly Kapha, it may reinforce to you things you already knew about yourself while also alerting you to the pitfalls if the imbalance becomes too great. Kapha characteristics include warmth, nurturing, high energy but manifested in a slow, steady pace, laid-back nature, loving and affectionate, forgiving and non-judgemental. Damn, I wish I had more of these characteristics. When Kapha becomes too abundant, it can lead to depression, possessiveness, sedentary living, and a host of physical ailments such as respiratory and digestive issues.
Vata characteristics include creativity, lively and humorous personalities, quick to learn new things, but also quick to forget, flexible, energetic, love of excitement and new experiences, joy, and enthusiasm when the Dosha is in balance. When it’s not, impulsivity, difficulty with circulation in the hands and feet, irregular moods, and anxiety and fear when faced with stress may surface. I know this Dosha inside and out because I’m about 75% Vata. My impulsivity has both served me well and gotten me into plenty of trouble over the years.
And Pitta, quick-witted, excellent ability to concentrate, confident, assertive, passionate and romantic when in harmony. When Pitta is out of whack, irritability, demanding, bossy, and impatient qualities become more predominant.
But the Pitta Dosha is known for its fiery disposition and that fire and passion make things happen.
Qualities that we might tend to view as ‘negative’ have their positive sides. We can so easily zero in on, “Oh, I’m so Pitta and that’s why I lose my patience so quickly. I’m doomed.” Nope, not doomed, just perhaps uninformed about the various ways you can take that quality and mold it into something that looks less like impatience and more like productivity. The characteristics that we think we should change often are the ones that propel us forward. Impatience might lead you to not waiting for the right time, but jumping in and making your dreams come true. It could look like finishing college in 3 years. It can manifest as having babies at a younger age so you can have the energy to travel the world with them once they’ve grown up.
Being demanding can make life hard on others and on ourselves, sure. But it can also promote excellence, success, achievements, and incredible outcomes. Having a demanding quality to your personality doesn’t mean you can’t both be demanding, kind, and supportive. I had a boss many years ago who was incredibly demanding of herself, but she also got right in there with us helping us meet those demands. She knew how to motivate us to set the bar higher and we all benefited from this.
Take that fire and don’t cool it too much. Yes, strive for balance, always. But given a chance, that fire you feel may just be the thing that leads to realizing your life’s greatest passion.