There is something really special about treating yourself to some dining decadence. Lunch is a great time to hit a restaurant on your own, since there’s a lot of other individuals who are breaking up their work or play day with some solo meal time.

If you’re uncomfortable sitting by yourself, the bar is a great place to land alone — and it’s really not lonely at all … the bar is generally a very social place, but it can also be the perfect way to catch up on that essential daily “me time.”

Bring a book or even your computer to lunch with you if you want to stay in a state of focus, but if you are looking for some interaction with others than unplug and create a space for engagement.

Make Your Time Your Own

It’s empowering to sit with yourself for a meal; it’s a time for connection, whether that be an introspective or extroverted journey.

Decide what it is you are looking for out of your time, and then cultivate an experience around that. Perhaps you get a lunch go-to and go sit outside somewhere to enjoy a picnic in the sunshine.

Enjoy your food thoroughly! Too often, we rush through meals to move on the next thing, but the problem with this is that there will ALWAYS be a “next thing,” so why not take some time to stop and enjoy all the various stimulations your senses can experience, in any given moment … right here, right now.