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Aves Tiger Eye & Lava Mala

Tiger’s Eye and Lava combine the harmonizing powers of sun and earth elements. When used in meditation, it offers both energizing and stabilizing vibrations, which allows a greater sense of grounding and potential. Tiger’s Eye also offers gratitude, allowing you to experience Santosha throughout your practice.

Price: $25

Yoga strap

A beautiful geometric designed yoga strap from Yoga Design Lab.

Price: $15

Ohm Charm Necklace with Jasper

Silver Necklace. It features a 1/2 inch silver EP Ohm charm and a jasper gemstone against negativity.

Known as “The Mother of all Mantras”. OHM: The four parts symbolize four stages of consciousness: Awake, Sleeping, Dreaming, and a Trance or Transcendental state.

Jasper is the stone of protection. It protects against negativity and aids in grounding you to the stabilizing energies of Earth.

Price: $20

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Organic and Sustainable Skincare Yoga essentials like wrist wraps, cubes, and yoga straps Essential oil blends and incense Healing crystals Meditation and spirituality guides Holistic wellness supplements Ethically-sourced jewelry and lifestyle accessories Custom Asanas Beautiful wearables every quarter

...and more. We are committed to a constant evolution to improve and diversify our offerings, providing a unique experience for our community.

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You’ll unbox custom asanas, yoga equipment, meditation guides, skincare, health and wellness essentials, aromatherapy, and more. As your practice is ever evolving, our boxes change from month to month, to ensure that you’re always receiving exactly what you need. Whether you’re new to yoga or a long-time practitioner, Yogi is here to give you the tools you need to feel uplifted and supported.

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The vital breath that sustains life, manifests in thought, physicality, and spirituality

Yogi is a companion to your practice. We come alongside you and support you in whatever stage you’re at in your yoga journey. Each Yogi box will engage the five senses and unlock your chakras – connecting mind, body, and soul to help guide you in your path.

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