There are times when traveling — by plane, car, boat or otherwise — seems just as free and light as we imagine it to be. This is when the ideas and dreams we create around the journey are actually attained — a here-to-there, there-to-wherever that is easy and inspiring, seamless and sustainable.

But when the hiccups happen, the journeys we are meant to enjoy don’t really feel so joyful, and that’s when our expectations fall prey to frustration and disappointment. And then, once we arrive somewhere, what if the destination isn’t all we dreamed it up to be? Here are some ways to step into the moment while traveling, specifically on how to plan ahead in order to be more proactive before any adventure begins.

Move Your Energy

Do your best to get an exercise session in before you head to the airport or embark on your road trip. There is no debating the benefits that movement has on your body and your mind, especially before the extended hours you’ll spend sitting. If you don’t have time to move before you go, see if you can still get some stretching or breathing practices in — whether you have a few minutes to kill at the airport, or several hours to spend in the car.

Pack Some Snacks

Gas stations and airports don’t usually have the healthiest of options to eat, so it’s important to plan ahead and B.Y.O. sustenance. Hydration is a key component to keep you body going strong, so be sure to have a reusable water bottle with you at all times (even if you have to drink the whole thing in the security line before a flight). Bring fruit with you — dried fruit is extra lightweight and packable — and raw almonds and dark chocolate can add a little extra crunch — like a homemade trail mix. If you want to pack a meal, toss some arugula, pistachios and cooked quinoa together with sea salt, cracked pepper, olive oil and a dash of lemon.

Stay Open And Engaged

Make eye contact, and say please and thank you to the people you pass and meet along your journey. Authentic connection is a simple and sustainable pathway to gratitude, which helps us all to live in a space of joy and fulfillment. There are so many people in this world who you can learn from and find inspiration through, and you can provide that for others as well. Be open to what is possible through honest communication and heartfelt interaction.