Some of the most profound awarenesses in life are not complex or incomprehensible — consider it’s the simplicity of certain ideas or experiences that can make them truly meaningful.

See Straight

Some people tend to make things more complicated than they need to be, whether that’s a grocery list, an approaching deadline or an experiment with a new recipe. What then often follows, is a process of overthinking that turns daily tasks into anxiety and stress; these things that actually bring be a sense of purpose and fulfillment are given an inaccurate and inhibiting weight — bogging down what could actually be light and inspiring.

Drop the drama, and start to see things for how they are — nothing more, nothing less. Take out the story of what “should” and “could” be in any given situation, and focus on simply what is. Prioritize what you need to in order to stay in line with your intentions, and make an effort to stay away from falling into an overwhelming space.

Keep Your Perspective

Once you take out the excess and embrace things for what they are, remember to maintain this clean and clear perspective on your path of simplicity — your road to personal freedom.

There will always be complications that make things hard, but it’s what you do with them that counts. Turn a complication into a deep breath, and a chance to learn, and you will create more clarity and action around it; turn a complication into over thought and drama, and you will create more anxiety and stress around it.

Give yourself space with what comes up in any given situation, and you will find that it does not have to be as complicated, dramatic or stressful as you may have once thought it to be. Create more simplicity around what comes your way, offering yourself more lightness and freedom.