Have you ever taken vows?

I’m not talking marriage or religious vows, but internal promises of commitments you’ve made to yourself.

And these commitments are the ones that really matter to us. We hold them, dear, like loved ones. They are the lining of our souls and the crux of our character.

Things happen, drama, strife, rock-bottom occurrences that propel us right back to where we need to be. Committed to our priorities, seeing them more clearly than we do our faces in the mirror.
And sometimes these enlightenments come from moments on our yoga mats or interesting conversations with wise individuals who know things we don’t. They’ve lived lives we can’t even conceptualize. This sends us right back to our foundation. Commitment reminds us of who we were put on this earth to be.

So once we land there, what do we do? What happens when we renew our commitment to our biggest priorities?

First. we acknowledge them. We call them by name and place them in order.
Next, we identify how to put them first. Maybe it’s meditation, doing good deeds, spending time correcting behaviors that hurt us, and nurturing our most important relationships.
When we step right up to the firing line of truth and don’t back peddle or shy away from it, we can embrace it with wide-open and excited arms.
We make an action plan. Sleep more. work less. Love harder. be brutally honest. We get fierce. Beyonce-level fierce. And we feel our commitments rise to the top of our being. Our priorities present themselves as crystal-clear images that become engraved on our brains.

We set out on new paths, deleting the garbage that has become strewn all around us and we start the clean-up process.

We practice yoga daily. We cook nourishing meals. We put away our cell phones when we are with others. We choose to avoid distractions and ruminations. We dedicate to positive self-talk and sharing hopeful messages and supportive words with others. I’ve said it many times, no action is too small. There is always space for growth. Committing to that is everything.
Commitment is the only way we can find our way. It’s the only thing that brings us all the good and meaningful that comprises our lives. Think about all you are and everything you have. Where and how does commitment show up? Once we start to evaluate it, we see it’s the veil and it’s also the thread.
All the rancor creating battlefields within our minds and hearts dissipates as we hone in on what’s really important.
You matter. We all matter. And what we do has positive and negative consequences.
Determined commitment staves off suffering. It leads us in the direction we are absolutely supposed to go.
Commitment is everything. When we are non-committal, we’ve acknowledged that we simply don’t prioritize that thing, concept, person, and activity. But when we go all in, miraculous things occur and that commitment pays off over and over.
This is freedom. This is living our best lives. Commitment to our priorities and not wavering or second-guessing what really is important.
Make your lists. Look at this list every day. Many times a day until it’s indelible and it feeds us even more than food and water.
We must rebel against the thoughts that lead to habits that don’t make us whole. We have to hold on to our commitments to our priorities that let us be good, even great. Washing away regret and moving forward is the only way to go.
Go boldly after what you really want. This is our dharma. This is our liberation. Go forward and be fantastic.