Spring is in full bloom, and we see this especially in the month of May. The showers of April have begun to subside, and flowers begun to bud and bloom, eager to absorb the warming rays of the sunny days ahead. It’s a time of transformation, rebirth, and growth, and it’s the perfect time to take the family out for a fun outing.

Winter has a tendency to coop us up inside, and our sense of adventure can feel stymied, so here are a few fun ideas to get yourself (and your family) back outside and moving:

Idea 1. Plan a Picnic!

School’s almost out, so the children are bound to be antsy and ready to play, and we think a picnic is the perfect answer, even for the not-so-outdoorsy family. A short walk, a few minutes spent enjoying an incredible view, and then laying out a blanket and serving some delicious treats is an enjoyable experience everyone can have fun with.

What’s more, this is a perfect time to remind yourself of the beauty that surrounds us when we are unaware and preoccupied by our daily lives and busy schedule. Of course, it also gives your children the opportunity to play and breath the fresh spring air. The kids will be happy to be out and about instead of being cooped up inside with their video games and phones. Nature has been shown to activate the imagination, and inspire an adventuresome spirit.

Finally, delicious fruits and vegetables are just coming into season, and this means there are an abundance of great foods for your picnic. Grab some of your favorite treats, pick your picnic spot, and choose a date!

Idea 2. Beach Day!

The beach is always a good idea, whether it be a day trip to the coast or a weekend getaway with the ones you love most. The natural ebb and flow of the ocean provides a simple yet stunning reminder of the push and pull of life, and it’s provides the perfect opportunity to relax and recharge. Watching the ocean waves crash on the shore is not only humbling experience, but it is also a great way to learn about and reflect on the world around you.

If tide pools are around, it will be great for the children to see how life exists in the sea, helping them learn about things outside themselves and allowing them to fully embrace nature. Depending on your location, it’s not unusual to see sea stars, sea cucumbers, and so much more. They will cherish these memories forever, and they’ll be excited they don’t have to go to a fenced exhibit to enjoy them.

Idea 3. Yoga Day!

So you love yoga, and you’re trying to get your family to enjoy it just as much as you. A yoga day is the perfect opportunity to not only get them up and moving with this fabulous form of exercise, but if you stage the session outdoors, it can be a powerful and relaxing experience. Like the spots chosen for a picnic (or even on the beach!), a natural setting for a yoga session can help reconnect you and your loved ones to the outdoors while encouraging real bonding, laughter, and fun.

Grab a few yoga mats, plenty of water, and maybe print off some guides on poses in case they want to see what it looks like on paper. Be sure to coach your family slowly and let them learn their body at their own pace. For beginners, especially when they’re your children, it helps most to just let them work through their own motions before figuring out that guidance is often essential in yoga.

Bloom with Spring!

With longer days ahead, warmth radiating from the sun, and summer breaks on the horizon, now’s the perfect time to kick off the seasonal festivities with the family. We hope these simple, fun, and easy-to-do activities inspire an afternoon of delight with your family!