“The law of harvest is to reap more than you sow. Sow an act, and you reap a habit. Sow a habit and you reap a character. Sow a character and you reap a destiny.” — James Allen

From the bare farmers’ fields, to the colorful grocery store produce sections, to the stocked kitchens in our homes, every small hint of abundance brought to us by the autumn harvest gives us reason to celebrate. This is the time of year when we become aware of how much has changed and how plentiful our lives truly are.

Despite autumn’s transformative nature, many of us get carried away in the fast-paced, busy activities of our modern day lives — going straight from a busy and fun-filled summer to a busy and work-filled autumn. Instead, let us take this time to notice how we’ve grown (and how we continue tog grow) so we can feel more complete as we honor our achievements.

Take Stock of Your Personal Harvest

We never stop growing, of course, but the last of the harvest that’s gathered before the frost sets in marks the end of the 365-day journey the Earth takes every year, bringing the growth cycle back to the decay and dormancy stage once again in preparation for rebirth. This is why autumn often feels more transformative than January 1st does for some people.

Instead of constantly rushing from one task to the next, consider taking some time at least once in your day this month to sit down alone and in silence so you can reflect back on your day and even the past year to journal about what you’ve learned and how you’ve grown. Here are a few general suggestions to start with:

  • Valuable lessons learned from taking risks or making mistakes
  • Achievements from challenging yourself at work or at school
  • New friends and acquaintances that came into your life, or existing relationships that really blossomed
  • Hobbies or activities that you engaged in and improved on every time you did it
  • New places you visited in your local area or internationally that expanded your awareness of the world and the people who live there
  • Anything new you discovered about yourself — your thought patterns, your emotions, your behavior, your strengths, your weaknesses, or your heart’s desires

Don’t be afraid to journal about things you let go of over the past year. After all, we can’t be in alignment with abundance without letting go of what isn’t serving us.

Cultivate a Sense of Completion

Journaling about periods of recognized growth from the past year may be especially important, mainly because it brings about a sense of completion for those things that we may not have spent enough time recognizing and appreciating immediately after they took place. Now is the time to do this.

Let this inspire us to cultivate completion for things we do in the present as well. We often get so wrapped up in our responsibilities and ambitious goals this time of year that the end of every task only marks the beginning of another, with no space left in between for real completion.

Stop and take moment to really become aware of what you just completed and allow that sense of satisfaction to sink in — even if it’s something as simple as ending your workday and going home, or finishing a super quick 20-minute yoga practice, or cooking up a nice pot of hot soup. You deserve to be able to say, “hey, I did this!” and acknowledge that you just did something pretty awesome.

Celebrate Your Abundance

When the harvest is in, we all tend to gather with friends and family to eat and celebrate all that we have while being together. Of course, in our society, the upcoming holiday season is all about this, but there’s no need to wait around for that big Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner to celebrate how much we’ve grown and how much we have.

We can all celebrate something we’re proud of achieving in little ways. Since autumn is a time to wind down and go inward, turning toward some simple self care practices is a great way to celebrate our achievements and reward ourselves. Examples might include going for a massage, drawing a soothing bath with epsom salts, scheduling a whole Saturday to read a favorite book with a glass of wine in hand, or going out and do something fun with a friend or partner.

However you choose to celebrate the ways in which you’ve grown this October, let it be as fitting as you feel it needs to be. Now is the time to embrace it all in preparation for new beginnings.

Image (edited) via Jon Bunting