Grace is one’s simple elegance. It’s our stride – our choice of movement through the world. It deals with our interaction with the people, places and natural state that surrounds us and exists within us. Grace, in this context, represents an undeserved kindness. It is a kindness “conferred freely, with no expectation of return, and finding its only motive in the bounty and free-heartedness of the giver.”

In this, grace relates to an alignment between one and the way things naturally ought to operate – the connection and partnership that exists between all beings. Consider the phrase, “She moved with grace.” It speaks to one’s unity to, even cooperation with, the direction of the universe.

And it’s here that grace is a powerful moral and spiritual element in life too. It illustrates an approach to behavior – literally one’s action and choice of dao (path) – that commands us to act honorably and to treat all others with respect, regardless if it is deserved. It represents a faithfulness to this belief, and for billions today, grace is at the heart of what is involved in our practice of meditation and mental solace.

It’s the homage one pays to those beliefs, representing the continuity between our morals, our actions, and God, regardless of specific belief system.

Growing Grace this May

May is a time of incredible growth. Spring begins its bloom, and life blooms with it, symbolizing birth, rebirth, and natural innocence. It’s a beautiful month – a time when the trees, flowers, and much of Mother Earth, blossom. It’s the beginning of summer, and a time of love, beauty and youth.

This beauty is at heart of May.

In Ayurveda, the emphasis on renewal too exists. The Kapha season has now dominated our bodies for a few months, and a fluidity naturally exists in the world around us, as well as in our bodies. Toxins, which can accumulate in the body, are now more prone to be “loose” due to the fluid nature of world. Spring cleaning, both for the home and for the body (in the form of detoxes or adjustments in  diet), are especially effective during this time.

This fluidity, rebirth, and growth creates a unique opportunity for grace. It provides an open environment of change – an opportunity to revisit, rethink, and reapply our mental energy toward gracefulness in the world.

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