Replacing healthy detoxing foods unhealthy foods

Below is our recommended list of foods to eat while on a clean eating detox diet. Just as important is a dietary list of foods to avoid that cause allergies, sensitivities, and digestive bowel problems.

Replace this with that:

dairy and eggs – whole vegetables, leafy greens
gluten, wheat – brown rice, non-gluten grains
processed sugar stevia
soy – beans, lentils
coffee, soda, alcohol – green tea, apple cider vinegar
beef, pork – wild fish, organic chicken & turkey
creamed vegetables, peanuts – whole fruits, berries, nuts seeds
corn oil – coconut oil
whey protein – plant-based protein powder

A Guide to a better bowel

Flush out Toxins with Fiber and Water

Water and fiber are a diet’s cocktail for a detox success! Fiber will help scrap toxins throughout the body as water helps flush it out. Up your fiber intake by eating more leafy greens, cherries, figs, prunes, pears, aloe juice, warm lemon water, or green vegetable juices.

Move it and lose it

Movement and exercise actually help your bowels move too! Avoid being sedentary right after eating. Even a brisk walking or light yoga will do wonders in helping your food fluidly move through your digestive system.

Disconnect and let the body work its magic

Stress is a common cause of constipation. When we’re mentally tense, we embody a text state that constricts our insides which can slow down bowel movements. Consider pairing your meals with a meditation practice. Or simply avoid activities that commonly stress you out like checking email. Or maybe pay your bills while soaking in a relaxing warm bath 😉