If you are not completely satisfied with Yogi, you can cancel your membership and discontinue your monthly payments at any time.

In order to cancel before you are renewed for the next shipment, you need to contact Yogi prior to the renewal date on the 2nd of each month.


If your membership has already renewed and you’d like to cancel an upcoming shipment, you must request cancellation by the 15th of the month to be eligible for a refund.


To request cancellation, simply click here and submit the contact form or email us: [email protected]. We’ll get back to you promptly!

To update your account information, login using your email address and password, from here you can update your billing, shipping and login information!

If you are having trouble please reach out to [email protected]

Signing up for Yogi means opting into a membership that bills you every month. All subscriptions renew each month on the 2nd, after the final prepaid shipment has been received. Boxes ship mid-month.

If you would like to receive a refund, you must request it prior to the start of order processing and shipping (the 15th of the month). Refunds are unavailable for boxes that have already shipped, or are past this cutoff on the 20th (and entered shipment processing). If you have missing items or the box is damaged, we’ll be happy to help you out!

To contact us, simply email [email protected]

Thanks for joining! Typically, re-billing happens on the 2nd of the month, after your final prepaid order has shipped (shipped around the middle of the previous month)

We ship once in the middle of the month, usually around the 20th – 25th. Sign up before the 20th to get the current month’s box! All orders processed on or after the 20th will ship the following month. You will receive a tracking notice once your box ships to the email address on your account.

Yes! We now ship to Canada. It’s $20 extra for the Yogi Box

Yes, we do! Don’t delay, join today!

Attention customers in Mexico, Central America, South Africa and Eastern Europe! It is possible that your box could encounter shipment errors, or take up to 4-8 weeks for delivery. We unfortunately can not offer replacements or refunds for lost or damaged international shipments.

Shipping is 100% free to our United States customers. For International shipping, it’s an additional $20 for each box.

As of August 2020, Yogi is shipped via FedEx Smartpost for domestic shipments (3-8 business days). For international shipments, we use USPS First Class International Service.

Yogi ships worldwide with an additional shipping fee!

We ship all of our boxes mid month. Sign up before the 20th of the month to receive that month’s box. All boxes ship within 1-2 business days after your tracking has been provided to you. You will receive a tracking notice at your provided email when your box ships.

Yogi is 100% vegetarian and cruelty-free, however, we are not completely vegan. You may often find products that contain honey, beeswax, ghee (clarified butter/Indian superfood) or other animal derived products. Feel free to contact us and ask about our upcoming box (sometimes they’re 100% vegan).

At Yogi, we strive to include only the purest, most natural and sustainable products. We never include products that contain GMO’s, synthetic or artificial colors, flavorings, sweeteners or preservatives. We’re also 100% vegetarian, cruelty-free and we aim to select 100% USDA Organic whenever possible.

While you may find vegan items in Yogi, the box is not exclusively vegan. This can be confusing for some, and it’s important to understand why yoga does not require a vegan diet.

When Patañjali wrote his 196 sutras that serve as the foundational text for Raja Yoga, he discussed five Yamas that define our relationship to the external world and those around us. Among those five Yamas is the principle of ahimsa, Sanskrit for “not to injure.” Today, some yogis interpret this as requiring not simply a vegetarian diet, but a vegan one, specifically excluding foods like eggs, honey, and milk.

At Yogi, we do not share this interpretation. This is not uncommon, and many yogis agree that veganism is not inherent in ahimsa.

Ahimsa is about non-violence and non-injury, not about the non-use of animal products. It’s clear that taking the life of an animal or isolating it to poor conditions violates ahimsa, but it does not hold that all things that are derived from animals are inherently violent or injurious. This depends on the conditions and sourcing of these ingredients. Thoughtful, conscious, and ethical animal ingredients do exist, and they are perfectly suitable for those who follow yoga and Patañjali’s five Yamas.

When including items that contain animal ingredients, we meticulously research the reality behind the product. We require all animal ingredients to be cruelty-free and humanely raised, as well as free from artificial hormones, GMO feed, or restricting cages or environments. Honey and insect ingredients must be sustainably harvested, bee-friendly, and, preferably, wildly collected (many sustainable wild collecting methods help prevent forest fires and support biodiversity by supporting pollinators, but “farmed” honey can also be performed ethically and sustainably).

With this understanding in mind, it becomes possible to both support our animal friends and enjoy and find nourishment in what they produce. There is balance in the concept of mutualism, where two organisms benefit from their shared relationship. In the same way that shrimps remove dead cells and mucous from the gills of fish, or how we rely on bacteria in our guts to maintain proper digestive health, we too can live symbiotically with other animals.

For more information or for questions about ingredients, please feel encouraged to contact us at [email protected]

Yogi delivers a new yoga care package every month. Our monthly subscription plan Yogi Box is $39.95/month. Our 3 months subscription plan is $109 every 3 months. Our 6 months subscription plan is $219 every 6 months.

Yogi is a monthly recurring subscription service, just like a magazine. We focus on finding the finest products to complement yoga practice, both on and off the mat! Each month, you’ll receive a new Yogi package in the mail filled with a new variety of pure, natural and sustainable goodies! To learn more read About Us.

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If you couldn’t find any answers to your questions in our help center you can reach us anytime by emailing [email protected]. Please allow at least 1-3 business days for a response (though we usually get back much quicker!).