I bet you’re a giver.

Most yoga lovers I know really excel at the giving part. They use almost every ounce of energy they have in that direction.

Why is it so much easier to give than to let ourselves to receive?

Energy is currency. Giving and receiving need to balance one another out

Part of self-care is knowing when we have depleted our energy. We have to replenish the well constantly. Making thoughtful choices about how much of ourselves we give to others is a crucial part of making sure we protect and nurture our ability to be of service. If we think of energy as currency, noting when our bank account is insufficient of funds is an important thing to understand. And when it’s in abundance, that’s when we can indulge being the most generous version of ourselves.

How and when to set boundaries

Giving and receiving will probably never be quite in perfect balance. But getting as close to an evenness as we can needs to be a priority. When your yoga teacher is quiet after teaching a class, it’s likely because s/he has extended themselves as much as they could and it’s time to conserve energy. When you spend the day listening to a friend in need or helping someone with a project, it’s important to take the time to receive yourself. That might be spending time in meditation. Taking a bath, getting a massage, or practicing restorative yoga are all helpful ways to reset the balance within.

Knowing when you’re feeling depleted is a practice all unto itself. When we’re drained, we don’t have anything left to give. Conversely, when you’re on the opposite side of the equation and receiving more than your share, knowing when it’s your turn to give makes it so that balance is prioritized.

We all recharge in different ways. Making a mental list of how you can ensure the giving and receiving equation is as harmonized as you can make it is self-care at it’s best.

In what ways do you give? It might take you the entire day to contemplate that. But it’s really in your best interest to know yourself this way. If being on the receptive end is difficult for you, take some time today to explore why that is. In what ways are you comfortable with receiving? Just as we feel the need to give, so do others. Providing that opportunity is a gift.

You deserve love. You deserve abundance. And you absolutely are worthy of it all.

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