In the midst of a New Year, we find ourselves in the mood for a little inspiration to set our sights on to help us spend time on what really matters to us. Setting an intention goes beyond a New Years resolution. A true intention can establish the critical belief that needed to motivate you towards accomplishing a tangible goal.

When we put the light of intention on something, reality starts unfolding itself. Whether it’s cleaning out the old, aligning yourself with positive opportunities, or expressing more gratitude, setting new intentions invoke actions towards the attainment of measurable goals.

By setting these liberating intentions, we can also begin to love without holding back. That’s why this month we’ve included intention inspired items to encourage actions that will help bring your intentions to fruition. From a detoxifying face wash to powerful essential oils, to mindful munchies; enjoy incorporating these items into your life as you set intentions that open yourself up to your fullest potential and deepest aspirations.

With the birth of a new year, can’t you just feel the energy of opportunity in the air? It’s the opportune time to discern what intentions are driving the thoughts and actions that navigate us through each the day.

The powerful act of setting an intention is a virtuous cycle. If it matters, it becomes embodied and brings us closer to each intention we set. So as the new year unfolds, let yourself be led by intentions that open yourself to your fullest potential and deepest aspirations. Being vulnerable to show others your true self, opens you to see the truth in others.

A key to intention is that it has to be embodied – meaning it has to really matter to you and be alive in your body. It should affect you down your core values and belief, and if need be, it should have the power to change them. Each day is an opportunity to live intentionally through compassionate understanding one thought and one action at a time.

You can do anything you dedicate the time and energy to fulfill. So may this year be filled with meaningful and powerful intentions for you!

Reflection on Intention Meditation

  1. Take a few deep breaths to begin relaxing your mind and body.
  2. Return to the natural rhythm of your breath, focusing on your in-breath and outbreathe.
  3. Release any tension you may notice in our body and allow it to untangle.
  4. Bring attention to your heart area.
  5. Listen for you own sincerity to hear a longing for what most matters.
  6. Set a liberating intention to remind yourself of what you find matters.