Our whole lives are affected by our confidence levels. When we’re self-confident, we feel more naturally inclined to take action toward what we want in spite of other people’s negative judgments or challenges that threaten our progress.

When we’re lacking in self-confidence, however, we’re more likely to go into hiding as an automatic response to threats that we think we need to protect ourselves from. Unfortunately, doing this too often and for too long has a way of chipping away at the little self-confidence we actually do have.

A Serious Confidence Booster

As someone who practices yoga, you may already be seriously committed to developing greater self-awareness and self-love, which is absolutely essential for building confidence. You may even take it further beyond the mat by practicing mindfulness, writing in a daily journal, or using affirmations to support positive self-talk.

Loving yourself and consciously choosing to be positive are practices that build the foundation for genuine self-confidence, but you’ll grow the most when you couple it with this one simple yet massively powerful tip:

Commit to taking just one small action every day that scares you.

The Power of Facing Your Fears

This simple tip takes all of the inner work you continue to do through your yoga practice and uses it as fuel to drive you toward taking action out in the external world. When you take inspired action to get out of your comfort zone, it will light your inner fire and give you even more fuel to keep going. It’s a continuous cycle than will keep your confidence growing.

Small actions are also far less intimidating and easier to succeed at than larger ones. It doesn’t have to take more than a minute or two to accomplish. The most important thing is to do it (even if you don’t feel “ready” yet) and then fully take in all that you feel once you’ve completed it.

Putting It to the Test

Try it out for one week just to see how it goes. Set some time aside to compile a list of small daily actions you can take based on certain goals you want to achieve or attributes about yourself that you’d like to improve.

As an example, someone who’s out of shape but interested in becoming a superstar yogi might start out with the following list of small actions that may be scary, but necessary to build confidence:

  • Send an email to an inspiring yogi asking for advice
  • Practice body positivity by admiring self in the mirror for 5 minutes
  • Follow along with a free yoga workout on YouTube to practice indepedently
  • Call a yoga studio to ask about classes
  • Visit a yoga studio to check it out in person
  • Sign up for a class
  • Attend a class
  • Ask the teacher a question
  • Ask the teacher for help with a particular pose
  • Try meditating at home for 5 to 10 minutes
  • Practice a particularly difficult pose at home for 5 minutes
  • Compliment another classmate on their skill, yoga wear, or something else

One every day is enough.

Your list may look very different according to your journey. Just remember that something as simple as a single call you’ve been afraid to make or an email you’ve been avoiding to send will count.

You can plan out which small action you’d like to do every day or simply refer to your list every morning to pick one that feels right that day. Consider setting daily reminders on your phone so you stay consistent. Consistency is key to building confidence over time through these small actions.

Don’t forget to tune in to how good it feels to have faced one of your fears immediately after you’re done. This is what will supercharge and inspire you to keep moving forward, naturally building up confidence within you along the way.