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Love Beauty and Planet Hand Cream Love Beauty and Planet Hand Cream

Love Beauty and Planet Hand Cream


This luxuriously creamy hand cream not only smells amazing infused with sandalwood and natural shea butter, but it provides ultimate moisture for dry hands. Your skin will thank you! This hand cream is also cruelty-free, paraben-free, dye-free.

Reverse Karma pyramid incense cones Reverse Karma pyramid incense cones

Reverse Karma pyramid incense cones


Using our incense cones gives you the ability to set an invisible timer. Making you aware that the clock to self-reflection and relaxation has started ticking. It is now time to relax, unwind and spend some time with your mind...

Piper Wai Natural Deodorant Piper Wai Natural Deodorant

Piper Wai Natural Deodorant


If your preference is a natural deodorant you can apply the old-fashioned way, say hello to our Natural Deodorant Stick. Formulated with the same absorbent and odor-controlling superpowers, our stick is like the fraternal twin of our Natural Deodorant Cream...

Spicy Cinnamon & Lemongrass Wellness Candle Spicy Cinnamon & Lemongrass Wellness Candle

Spicy Cinnamon & Lemongrass Wellness Candle


Light this healing Wellness Candle ® to create an inspiring environment filled with warmth, joy and delight! The spicy combination of cinnamon, clove bud and lemongrass along with the comforting and life-giving energy of citrine creates a liberating and uplifting...

Crystal Infused Wellness Candle Crystal Infused Wellness Candle

Crystal Infused Wellness Candle


Light this healing Wellness Candle ® to create a soothing environment that brings clarity and inner peace. The beautiful combination of lavender, lemongrass and amethyst will ease your senses with a calming and peaceful energy.

Tread Headbands Tread Headbands

Tread Headbands


Our All-Terrain Solid TreadBands are a perfect fit for every day activities to extreme sports. Our patented TreadGripStrip technology with geometrical patterns provide a balanced and consistent grip on the skin, ensuring your headband will stay in place throughout your...

Mineral Bath Salts Mineral Bath Salts

Mineral Bath Salts


Eucalyptus and mint are the perfect combination for a long, relieving soak, especially during cold and flu season. Revitalize sore, achy muscles and help clear and soothe congestion. Relief is only a bathtub away.

Gel Forest Green Eyeliner Gel Forest Green Eyeliner

Gel Forest Green Eyeliner


The Gel Liner can be used as both an eye liner and lip liner.

Headbands Headbands



Our rich, vibrant colors are created using AZO, lead and heavy metal-free dyes to protect our workers, our customers, and our environment.

Our Dharma

Your Daily Yogi Products.

Yogi is about community. Yogi is made up of real people, real practice, and real connection. We come alongside your yoga journey and empower you with the tools you need to explore, connect, and thrive in your practice.

Our community is meant to support you in your path to become your highest self. We believe in curating every Yogi box to help foster growth, change, and passion. Each journey and practice is unique - so every Yogi box will represent a special stage in that journey. Every Yogi box is a promise to our community to offer guidance, support, encouragement through the shared love of yoga.