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Gratitude Black Leather Bracelet Gratitude Black Leather Bracelet

Gratitude Black Leather Bracelet

$20.00 $12.00

Minimalism is in and this black leather bracelet will accentuate any outfit. This lightweight bracelet will complement any outfit. The discreet design will be your favorite accessory to wear for any special or casual occasion.

Mavi headbands Mavi headbands

Mavi headbands


Each Heart Mavi Band comes with an adjustable, elastic back - making it a perfect fit every time! Each Mavi Band has our high quality, non-slip technology on the inside to ensure it stays in place all day!Every Mavi Band...

Guru Black and White Guru Bracelet


Made with the finest quality glass beads and dyed cotton thread. Expands over your hand to fit most wrists! Lifetime Guarantee Aid Through Trade is a Founding Member of the Fair Trade Federation and is the only authorizedprovider of Fair...

Yogi: Amethyst Earrings Yogi: Amethyst Earrings

Yogi: Amethyst Earrings


Experience the healing energy of amethyst beads on this set of gold colored hoop earrings. If hoop earrings aren’t for you, we encourage you to share your gratitude for others and gift them to someone in your community.

Breathe Bracelet Breathe Bracelet

Breathe Bracelet


Make a statement with our handmade, hand-stamped bracelet. This one of a kind bracelet features the word BREATH. Embrace your RAH word, know someone who needs the reminder, let us know! Share your Rah Story and photo #ShowUsYourRahSelf

Our Dharma

Your Daily Yogi Products.

Yogi is about community. Yogi is made up of real people, real practice, and real connection. We come alongside your yoga journey and empower you with the tools you need to explore, connect, and thrive in your practice.

Our community is meant to support you in your path to become your highest self. We believe in curating every Yogi box to help foster growth, change, and passion. Each journey and practice is unique - so every Yogi box will represent a special stage in that journey. Every Yogi box is a promise to our community to offer guidance, support, encouragement through the shared love of yoga.