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Jewelry Set- Diffuser...

$29.00 $45.00

6' Purple Yoga...

$18.00 $25.00

Essential Oils Book

$15.00 $18.00

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Healing Charkra Flip Chart Healing Charkra Flip Chart

Healing Charkra Flip Chart


Flowing within our bodies is the energy that drives and maintains our life functions. This energy flows not only within our bodies, but also through the very fabric of the universe. In Asian traditions, people call this energy ki, chi,...

Jewelry Set- Diffuser Locket and White Lava Beads Bracelet Jewelry Set- Diffuser Locket and White Lava Beads Bracelet

Jewelry Set- Diffuser Locket and White Lava Beads Bracelet

$45.00 $29.00

You cannot go wrong with this stunning jewelry set. The diffuser locket will be a great accessory to wear for any occassion. The white lava beads bracelet is made of rocks that form when volcanoes erupt magma (lava) onto the...

Chakra Bible Book


Chakras are the centers of energy in our body that profoundly affect our well-being. Through this exquisitely designed volume, newcomers to this alternative form of spirituality can understand every aspect of chakra power.

Breathe Bracelet Breathe Bracelet

Breathe Bracelet


Make a statement with our handmade, hand-stamped bracelet. This one of a kind bracelet features the word BREATH. Embrace your RAH word, know someone who needs the reminder, let us know!

Your Body Mind & Soul Book Your Body Mind & Soul Book

Your Body Mind & Soul Book


Time to start creating the life you want instead of reacting to what comes your way. Using simple tools based on Yogic and Taoist principles, this book shows you how to take control and make your goals for every area...

Bombay & Cedar Comfort Oil


A proprietary blend of essential oils created to relax and ease tension in the head and body. Great for sore muscles, relaxation, tension, stress, migraines and overall wellness.

Ancient Greek Remedy Oil Nature's Moisturizer


Body and face ANTI AGING Moisturizer for men and women: Contains only six raw ingredients you know and trust, including Sweet Almond, Cold pressed Jojoba, Extra virgin Olive Oil, Grape seed, and Sunflower Oil with vitamin E. Ingredients that all...

Spicy Cinnamon & Lemongrass Wellness Candle Spicy Cinnamon & Lemongrass Wellness Candle

Spicy Cinnamon & Lemongrass Wellness Candle


Light this healing Wellness Candle ® to create an inspiring environment filled with warmth, joy and delight! The spicy combination of cinnamon, clove bud and lemongrass along with the comforting and life-giving energy of citrine creates a liberating and uplifting...

Gel Forest Green Eyeliner


Line and define your eyes or lips with your new, Appeal Gel Liner in Forest Green. It is a gel formula, that glides on effortlessly, and with a very pretty, soft green color. Looks great with light brown eyes. Can...

Ancient Greek Remedy Oil Nature's Moisturizer Ancient Greek Remedy Oil Nature's Moisturizer

Ancient Greek Remedy Oil Nature's Moisturizer


100% Organic Blend of Olive, Lavender, Almond & Grapeseed oil with Vitamin E, Daily Moisturizer for Skin, Hair, Face, Scalp, Cuticle, Nails & Foot. Pure, Cold Pressed, Body oil for men and women, 4oz

6' Purple Yoga Strap 6' Purple Yoga Strap

6' Purple Yoga Strap

$25.00 $18.00

Sink into those hard-to reach poses with our Yogi Surprise 6' Yoga Strap. Designed to deepen, connect and love you into every aspect of your beautiful practice. Progress at the pace that’s right for you by safely stretching further and...

Essential Oils Book Essential Oils Book

Essential Oils Book

$18.00 $15.00

The Complete Guide to Essential Oils empowers everyone from doctors, nurses, and science professionals to teachers, business executives, and homemaker to live a natural and healthy life. Essential oils have been an integral part of human healthcare for thousands of...

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