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OM Bracelet


12 pk Multicolored Headbands


Our rich, vibrant colors are created using AZO, lead and heavy metal-free dyes to protect our workers, our customers, and our environment.

Lace Agate and Lava Mala Necklace


In honour of the miraculous work Mother Nature creates every spring, this necklace will help to cleanse your mind, body, and spirit while also reinvigorating your entire being for this new seasonal cycle of life. Lava rock beads will strengthen your connection...

Lightweight Quick Drying Towel

$30.00 $24.00

Towel that is thoughtfully designed for travelling, hiking, beach day, yoga and or other activities. This ultralight, incredibly compact towel is poised to replace your cotton or microfiber version. Made of nanofiber, with threads even thinner than microfiber ones, the...

Labradorite Necklace


Labradorite is a stone of transformation, aiding in your journey to seek your life's purpose. Powerful in eliminating illusion, self-doubt, and fear, it is the perfect companion for change. Use Labradorite to instill self-confidence, heighten spiritual consciousness, intuition, and as...

OM Bracelet


The simplicity of this bracelet is perfect! The hammered look of the gold bar along with the tiny red crystal is elegant. It could easily be worn to dress up an outfit or for everyday wear. 

Mineral Bath Salts


Eucalyptus and mint are the perfect combination for a long, relieving soak, especially during cold and flu season. Revitalize sore, achy muscles and help clear and soothe congestion. Relief is only a bathtub away.

Our Dharma

Your Daily Yogi Products.

Yogi is about community. Yogi is made up of real people, real practice, and real connection. We come alongside your yoga journey and empower you with the tools you need to explore, connect, and thrive in your practice.

Our community is meant to support you in your path to become your highest self. We believe in curating every Yogi box to help foster growth, change, and passion. Each journey and practice is unique - so every Yogi box will represent a special stage in that journey. Every Yogi box is a promise to our community to offer guidance, support, encouragement through the shared love of yoga.