Oh my stars do I love chai tea

I remember the very first time I had chai. It was quite different than the delicious, sugary chai tea latte I had enjoyed at Starbucks. It’s rich aroma, spicy yet sweet qualities, and milky goodness filled me up with a sense of happy healthiness. I know from that first sip I wanted this to be apart of my morning routine every single day, but I didn’t understand that I would benefit in a myriad of ways other than the feeling of satisfying contentment that first cup offered.

A little intel about the magical ingredients in chai tea

We should know what we’re putting in our bodies, ideally, agreed? Hell, I can’t say I always know every single ingredient I’m ingesting, but chai tea kinda begs it of you. As you sip and each flavor unrolls itself like a cascading parade of tasty sumptuous love, you find yourself needing to dissect exactly what’s causing this introduction to your system to sing and dance.

There are variances between the different types of chai tea around the world. In India, chai is the general term for tea and the recipes are all over the place. From country to country, you’ll find variations. Some use milk, others don’t. Some keep it simple while others make it strong and spicy. So if no agreed upon recipe constitutes chai, why exactly should we drink it everyday?

There are certain spices that offer us inarguable health benefits. And there are some very common ingredients that one will find in chai tea across the globe. These ingredients include:

  • Ginger (An incredible aid in digestion and helpful with nausea)
  • Black tea (Don’t get me started. Too late. Black tea is incredible as an anti-inflammatory because of the variety of antioxidants. Some of these groups of antioxidants are called flavonoids. Flavonoids are known for reducing several of the risk factors for heart disease. The list goes on and on including improved gut health, better focus because of the level of caffeine (more than most teas, less than coffee), and reduced cholesterol levels. Drink black tea is the overwhelming message here.)
  • Cinnamon (I’m starting to think cinnamon could bring world peace with how many healthy attributes its able to claim. Cinnamon is delicious, lowers and stabilizes blood sugar, and it’s packed with antioxidants. Add it to everything.).
  • Fennel (Not only is it’s licorice taste really wonderful, but damn, what doesn’t this spice include? Vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, Vitamin A, calcium, B-6, and fiber just to name a few.)

If reading the above list doesn’t make you crave a cup of chai right this instant, then nothing will. I’m drinking a cup right now of Justea African Chai and I’m beside myself with glee.

chai tea African|yogi surprise

Not only do the health benefits appeal, but the ritual of making tea is as ancient as the beginning of time for a reason. It feeds the soul to prepare something so simple and so deeply satisfying. It’s just as lovely sipping it alone and pondering your thoughts or sharing it with a loved one, knowing you’re offering them something caring that will sustain and nurture their good health.