Yogi Surprise is one-year old! For our amazing Yogi community, we dedicate the month of October to a blissful celebration. Our journey together so far has been remarkable and only possible with the overwhelming support from our fabulous family of loving Yogis. We feel tremendously blessed  and overjoyed with positive emotions.

Joy, bliss and pleasure are just a few words to describe positive emotions.  Good or bad, we can’t see or touch our emotions, yet they can pack a punch which we feel straight to our core. Emotions play a significant role in our state of well-being, and for every single one of us it’s a different story. So how do you write/edit/publish your own life journey to enhance positive joyful happiness?

Just like writing a story, guiding principles exist to help the author (you) create a great story filled with joy and happiness. Take a flick below for inspiration, when joined together they spell YOGA LIFE.



Group of people in a yoga class looking very happy

Get moving, grooving and flowing. Yoga is yours, a means to connect with your body, mind and embrace the Devine soul within.


Okie dokie

gesture and body parts concept - human hands showing ok sign

Ok, so no-one is perfect, but wouldn’t life be dull if we were? Focus on who you are. And remember, you are a unique child of the universe.



(close up on hands)

Marianne Moore nailed it by saying ‘The heart that gives gathers.’



woman drop up leaves in autumn park

It’s a wonderful world full of little things which equal the bigger universal things. By tuning in we dwell on the past and worry about the future less, allowing us to be present.



Time to chill. Beautiful young woman keeping her eyes closed and meditating while sitting at the library

Learning allows us to discover new wonders, it also stimulates ideas keeping us curious and engaged with life. Attaining a sense of accomplishment is a vital self-confidence booster.



Notepad with indicators of healthy lifestyle on wooden table

A bright future is imperative to our happiness. Goals (dreams with deadlines) encourage us, and should be challenging enough to excite us.



Hands and green heart on the white background

Yes we will have up and down days, but by focusing on positive emotions such as joy, gratitude, contentment and inspiration we can elevate ourselves by creating an ‘upward spiral’.



pilates yoga resistance band red rubber woman sport gym fitness exercise

We cannot always choose what happens to us, but we can choose our attitude and shape how we bounce back. Not an easy task, but like many life skills, it takes practice.


Our frame of mind, beating heart and experiences both within and beyond all contribute to the way we feel. Just as the ocean wave and tides rise high and low, so will your emotions. Observe them, admire them, learn their tidal flow, ride them, and write about them. This is your life story, enjoy it and celebrate it!

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