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The Very Best Yoga Gifts: Thoughtful, Simple, and Loving

No one needs another mug. I promise you. Did you catch that, Andrea?

We are yoga lovers. It's never boring for us. There's no cajoling or coaxing us into rolling out our mats to practice. We're psyched to spend a Saturday night going to a sound bath class or doing yoga with a DJ in black light. If yoga is involved, we are in.

The best yoga gifts are those that enhance our practice

I'm stoked if someone gives me a tiny bottle of essential oil because they said it reminded them of me. That's all it takes. Yoga lovers don't want or need you to spend a lot of money. Hell, if you just come to a class with us, we're tickled.

Keep it simple. How many times in our lives have we heard that? I have Raynaud's Syndrome. So my hands get easily cold and even numb. My partner has bought me 3, count em, THREE pairs of very expensive battery-operated gloves to remedy the sitch. And none of them worked well or even kept working poorly. He finally gave up and bought me a box of HotHands warmers that I could slip in my gloves. Perfection. The best yoga gifts remove a distraction from our lives.

It's so easy to give a thoughtful gift

All we have to do is think about the thing our loved ones enjoy the most. For us, it's yoga. Incense, candles, a dry brush, and a really great mat cleaner all make the list for best yoga gifts. And if you have little to no money, offer to come over with your mat and practice at home with us. Enjoying tea and meaningful conversation is one of the best yoga gifts you can give. Your time is valuable. Your friendship means everything.

What would be the best yoga gifts for you?

I'm so grateful when someone just tells me what they want. Express your desires, needs, and wishes. Make it easy on those who really want to give to you. Both giving and receiving feel mighty nice. As much as we yoga folk are more inclined to give, remembering that by receiving we give that opportunity to another.

Have the happiest and healthiest of holidays, y'all! Thank you for all you give to the world all year long.


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The Unacknowledged Presence in a Yoga Gift Box

Have you heard the joke about the only thing the yoga teacher wanted for their birthday? "Just your presence."

Both presents and presence exist in each adoringly cultivated yoga gift box. There's a whole lot more than the contents inside.

A yoga gift box means all of your shopping is done

I mean, if you dig shopping more than breathing, that might not be great news. But if you're a pretty typical holiday shopper who feels a bit overwhelmed by the whole process, then we've got you. The lucky yoga lover in your life knows when they open your gift that you know them well and you want to remind them every month that they are loved.

Sharing a yoga gift box with others is a delightful part of the joy

Last month, when I opened my gift box and saw the cute purple yoga sox with tread on the bottoms, I knew exactly who would be getting them. Amy, I know you'll be wearing them every practice and it makes me smile to think about how much you appreciate them. There's something for everyone in each yoga gift box. We all know a crystals lover. And each of us has that friend who lives for mala beads.

Give a yoga gift box to a couple of friends to enjoy together

If you have two friends whom you know would love a monthly yoga gift box, you could even purchase one for them to share. It would give them the perfect reason to connect each month and explore the contents of the box together, discussing how best to enjoy them in their practice. They will also undoubtedly find items they can collectively gift to other friends, increasing the web of sharing.

We all love receiving gifts in the mail

Each time the Yogi Surprise yoga gift boxes show up at my door, that dopamine hit never fails. It's exciting to know that you don't know exactly what new interests and passions the contents will provoke. Ever since the boxes started to arrive, our home is never without burning incense. Meditation has become part of our daily life. And self-care is now a clutch component for a day well-spent.

Receiving a monthly yoga gift box encourages positive feelings with far-reaching effects

While you're in the process of exploring your yoga gift box or witnessing a loved one enjoy theirs, excitement, generosity, thoughtfulness, and curiosity come alive. These feelings are so contagious. The first time I opened a box, I immediately made a list of others whom I knew would really appreciate it. It feels thrilling to give loved ones something we know will bring them joy and elicit the above-listed feelings in them too.

I was discussing The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman with a student yesterday. These love languages include (in no particular order): time spent, words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, and physical affection. The student remarked that gifts are her number one love language. She said when she receives a gift and it's clear someone really thought about her interests and passions, it fills her cup to an overflowing level. It's a lovely way to feel and observe in others.

You have many gift box options

Yogi Surprise offers 3, 6, and 12-month subscription options to meet your budget and gifting desires. Or consider our self-love box as a one-time gift if a subscription isn't what you're looking for.

We also have a specifically curated box for men. The number of men practicing yoga in the United States continues to grow yearly. And we see you men and want to support your specific needs within the wide lens scope of the practice.

We are so looking forward to enjoying the holiday spirit of giving and receiving with you this year.


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3 Truths Proving Gratitude is the Answer You're Ignoring

We are all very well aware that gratitude needs to be a dominant force.

But when shit goes down, and we're in the throes of anger, frustration, and feeling a lack of control, gratitude is typically the last place we go. Even though it's very difficult to remember saying thank you in the face of adversity helps, it's exactly what we need to train ourselves to do.

When we suffer, gratitude is the answer

Think back to the last time you felt sadness. For most of us, it's a daily thing. Even if it's minor, we suffer over things both large and tiny. It's not hard to get worked up. Traffic pisses everyone off to varying degrees. Saying hello to someone you pass on the street who doesn't respond doesn't feel good. Emailing a client who gets back to you but doesn't answer any of your carefully crafted questions is annoying. Trying an arm balance in yoga class and landing flat on your face sucks. Even though at the end of the day these occurrences are small potatoes, at the moment, they bother us. Gratitude is the last thing on our minds.

Saying thank you holds all kinds of power

Let's revisit a couple of the above examples and insert gratitude as the answer. If you're walking down the street, feeling super and sunny and you say hello to someone who fails to respond, be grateful you're feeling friendly and warm. Be cognizant you have no idea why they chose not to respond. Remembering you offered kindness by saying hello. Allow your intention to be about them instead of you.

If you email a client and they don't address your questions, saying thank you out loud will mitigate feelings of irritation. Maybe they were in a hurry. Maybe they didn't know the answers so they chose to ignore your questions. When gratitude is the answer, you see opportunity instead of aggravation. Email them back thanking them for responding. Phrase your questions again a bit differently and use the opportunity to improve your clarity. See it as the teachable moment it could be.

Easy to preach, hard to live

Do we always take our own advice? Hell no. I can road rage with the best of them. Taking things personally is one of my most developed muscles. So we practice. We practice daily. Some days we do better than others. But owning the fact that gratitude is the answer can only help us. Gratitude never harms.

3 strategies for believing gratitude is the answer and how to listen

It sucks to feel upset. I know a few people who seemingly don't get upset easily and I admire them for it. This is what I've learned from these chill folks who live just a little more comfortably than I do:

  1. Don't care so much. It sounds strange to encourage others not to care. We must care. But we must not care about every little thing. Mark Manson wrote a very well-received and popular book called, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ckHe details this concept artfully and expresses saying thank you that you don't care so much about everything as the way to go. We have to conserve our energy for what and who really matters.
  2. Locate the opportunity. When we choose gratitude as the answer instead of anger, opportunities prevail like a glistening rainbow framed by calico kittens. If you try to execute an arm balance in yoga class and you fail, saying thank you will lead you down the path of informative assistance. Getting pissed and giving up will never make that posture yours. Failure just means you need to go about it differently. You're smart. And you're humble. Be thankful these things are true and try again after acknowledging the things you didn't employ the first time.
  3. Recognize truth when it's staring you in the face. Think about the last time you had a fight with a loved one. It's jarring and typically, both people are wrong in some way and defensive. Instead of focusing on what they should think, feel, do, and say, turn the mirror on yourself. "How can I see this differently? What could I have chosen not to say? Why am I being defensive?" These questions will almost always lead us to take personal responsibility, unveil our truth, and solve some of the hurt feelings. Being grateful we are capable of doing this can only lead to good. When we're very busy being right, we're also attached to suffering.

We're promised difficult moments every day. The difference in the varying degrees of said challenges is recruiting gratitude. Please comment on how this practice goes for you today. We all learn from example.