The Spring season is finally here – and that means you’re another step closer to the warm, sunny summer of growth that lies ahead. This April, awake your senses and soul to the blooming energy of the season with Yogi Surprise.

Through January to June, the atmosphere is dominated by the Kapha element, the dosha of fluidity and rigidity. It’s a time when our immunity and growth can be depressed, with harsh, wet elements dominating much of the winter months. In April, though, this cycle begins to wane, and we move closer to a season dominated by the Pitta element, a hot, fiery, and intense energy.

This April, we’ll focus on the smooth, balanced transition of these elements, encouraging a renewed flow of energy that helps remain in balance with the coming intensity of summer

A Season of Awakening

The Spring season is a time of growth and rebirth. The cold clench of winter has finally retreated, with nothing but warmer days ahead. It is a time of awakening for the body and mind, as well. The winter season tends to encourage a sluggish, heavy energy, which can leave us feeling depleted and lethargic. As Spring grows stronger, the atmosphere grows more active, with life blossoming.

This April, take time to refresh and detox your system. If you indulged in excess during the colder winter months, now is the time to cleanse the body. Practice opening, flowing asanas that promote circulation. Forward bends and simple twists (such as Parivrtta Trikonasana, Revolved Triangle Pose) should be emphasized.

Get Outdoors (and Get Your Hands Dirty)

April is also a perfect time to (re)engage with Mother Earth. If the winter months have discouraged your outdoor activities, now’s the time to get started again. Hop on a bicycle, join a marathon, or revisit your trail – nature is waiting!

And while the ground may still be cold in some parts of the country, April is also a good time to prepare for growing and organizing a vegetable or herb garden. In fact, April is usually the best month to plant most vegetable seeds, and it’s still a good time to plant tomatoes and peppers. Consider taking a few steps to organize a home garden, whether it’s a small inside herb garden to a complete transition for a piece of your yard. Both provide a rewarding experience that helps connect your emerging energy with that of the Earth’s.