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SUP, Goat, Voga: Our Guide To Yoga's Weirdest Practices

SUP, Goat, Voga: Our Guide To Yoga's Weirdest Practices

Many of us imagine yoga to be a serene, peaceful activity, best accompanied by soothing music and essential oils. Sure, that’s one type of yoga – but did you know there are plenty of unusual and wacky yoga types out there? (There’s even a type of yoga that involves goats.)

One thing we just love about yoga is that you can make it your own, customizing your practice to your preferences and abilities. However, the creators of the yoga types mentioned below have seriously taken things to the next level!

Here are some of yoga's weirdest practices to help you think outside the box.

SUP Yoga

What does SUP yoga mean? It helps to know that SUP stands for stand-up paddleboard. This type of yoga is done on calm bodies of water, like a pool, lake, or flat beach.

If you’re thinking what we’re thinking, it’s that balancing in yoga positions is hard enough on land – imagine how hard it would be on the water! And it’s true – SUP yoga is challenging when it comes to finding your balance, but many people love the fun of trying.

It’s thought to have been started by surfers in Waikiki, who practiced yoga on their surfboards before hitting the waves as a way of bringing focus and calm to their surfing.

If you love the water, definitely give it a try. Remember, if you fall into the water, that’s okay, and it’s all part of the fun! On a warm summer day, SUP yoga can be super refreshing and relaxing, making it popular in beach and lake towns around the world.


Image by cottonbro on Pexels: We can’t guarantee your dog will be down to try downward dog, but it’s worth a try!


Goat Yoga

Love yoga? Love goats? Why not try goat yoga? But wait – what is goat yoga, exactly, and why would anyone want to do it?!

Don’t overthink this one. Goat yoga is simply a yoga class done on a farm while goats wander around. We promise no goats are harmed in the making of goat yoga, though – these curious farm animals seem to enjoy it just as much as the yogis.

Goat yoga was invented by Oregon farmer Lainey Mors, who found the goats on her farm to be adorable and inspirational. She had a crazy idea to offer yoga classes with goats on her farm, with the practice quickly spreading in popularity – who can resist a downward dog, or, uh, goat?


If you just can’t get enough of Madonna, you might want to voga!

What is voga? This weird yoga practice is a combination of yoga and voguing – dancing while striking poses like a model on a catwalk. Voga is a practice of yoga moves and vogue moves, creating a sort of dance/yoga hybrid.

If you’re looking for a fun, upbeat, and unusual type of yoga to try out, we doubt you’ll find anything weirder (or more fun) than voga.


Can’t get enough of your four-legged friend? If so, good news – yoga is no longer just for humans. Doga is dog yoga, a type of yoga that you can do together with your dog.

The 2003 book Doga: Yoga for Dogs by Jennifer Brilliant and William Berloni introduced dog yoga to the world, with the aim of encouraging dog owners to meditate and spend quality time together with their pets.

Many believe it can help improve your bond with your dog, but we’re not sure all pups have the calm nature or focus to get through a yoga session. However, it’s sure to be fun, so why not give it a try with your dog?

If you don’t have a dog, but you have a horse…we’re glad to tell you that hoga is also a thing – horse yoga. We’re not sure other pets like cats have the interest or inclination to become yogis, but you could certainly try!

Naked Yoga

It’s no surprise that naked yoga is on this list, since yoga without clothes has actually been practiced for thousands of years. Many people find it allows them to develop a deeper, more personal connection with their yoga practice.

Naked yoga is probably something you’d prefer to try in the comfort of your own home, but if you’re feeling daring, you can also find group naked yoga classes. (We recommend you bring your own mat.)


Image by Wesley Tingey on Unsplash: Is naked yoga one of yoga’s weirdest practices? Possibly – but it can also feel pretty freeing.


Aerial Yoga

Perhaps not quite as wacky as some of the others, aerial yoga is a way to take your practice to new heights – literally! Using hammocks, ropes, and swings, you can defy gravity and try out a whole new range of poses.

It’s great for stretching and flexibility, as long as you’re okay with being off the ground. For safety reasons, it’s best to try out aerial yoga at an accredited studio, rather than on your own at home.

Rave Yoga

You don’t need to stay out till 3am to enjoy a yoga rave – this fun trend blends together both yoga and dance raves, creating a giant yoga party, basically. At yoga rave events, groups of people will move through a series of yoga poses, but often accompanied by strobe lights, pumping music, and even neon bands that glow under black lights.

Yoga raves are designed to be accessible, drug-free, and safe, as a fun way to enjoy the rave scene, but with a yogi twist. You can often find rave yoga events held at colleges or gyms, and they’re a fun way to enjoy high-intensity yoga. Don’t forget your glow sticks!

So, what is the weirdest yoga type? We think goat yoga has to be one of the strangest, but we love that so many weird and wonderful varieties of yoga exist. No matter what type of yoga you enjoy, you’re sure to love the amazing benefits it can bring to both your mental health and your body.


Featured image by Joppe Spaa on Unsplash

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