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7 Health Benefits Of Living A Minimalist Lifestyle

7 Health Benefits Of Living A Minimalist Lifestyle

If you’ve heard of the word minimalism, you probably think about it in terms of decorating or being more sustainable. But there’s actually a whole movement behind living a life with a more minimalist frame of mind. Not sure if you should subscribe to the system? There are actually tons of health benefits of living a minimalist lifestyle. To find out more about this trend and to discover why minimalism is generally a better way of life, keep reading!

What is minimalism?

Minimalism is defined as a way of living in which the simplest and fewest elements are used to create the maximum effect. Minimalism can be traced back to the art world, where artwork with clean, simple lines or colors were referred to as minimalist. Now, the term can be used for everything from fashion to home design.

Minimalism is also becoming more popular as a way of life. So, what is living a minimalist lifestyle? This means that a person makes a conscious effort to remove clutter from every aspect of their life. Basically, the goal is to minimize or get rid of anything that keeps you from what’s important in your life.

How do I start living a minimalist lifestyle?

You don’t need to completely upend your life in order to lead a minimalist lifestyle. In fact, you can take a bunch of small steps, and you’ll immediately see the benefits of the practice. Here are some ways to get started…

Remove things from your home that you don’t need

Get rid of any items that you haven’t used in over a year or that you know you’re simply not getting any use out of. Even beginning with just one room in the house can be a great starting point.

Stop buying things you don’t need

When you’re shopping, be super mindful of buying items that you don’t actually need. Try to limit your cart to items that are must-haves; this can help cut down on over-the-top purchasing (and the abovementioned items you don’t end up using).


Image by Samantha Gades on Unsplash: Keep the clutter in your home to a minimum to achieve a minimalist lifestyle.


Declutter your home whenever possible

It’s easy to have your home overflowing with papers, books, plants, etc. But keeping the detritus of your home down to a minimum is one of the core facets of minimalism. You can also start with just one room here if you feel too overwhelmed by tackling the whole house. Simply channel your inner Marie Kondo and trash or donate any items that you don’t need, or that don’t deserve a permanent place in your home.

Re-evaluate the relationships in your life

A minimalist lifestyle doesn’t have to be just about things – it can be about people too. Friendships should be about quality rather than quantity. Take some time to think through all of the different relationships in your life. Are there any that only bring about negative emotions? If so, consider cutting out these people from your circle. You should only be interacting with people who help make you a better, happier person.

Pay attention to how you’re interacting with others

Think about how you’re relating to other people. If you’re constantly people-pleasing or bending over backward to help people, notice how you could minimize these interactions. Maybe it’s time you set up some boundaries and cut out interactions with people that don’t serve you anymore.

Notice how you’re spending your time

If you’re too busy, you might be spending time on activities that aren’t important to you in the long run. Take note of what’s filling up your days, and try to cut out anything that is just wasting your time. Remember: your time is one of your most precious commodities.

How can minimalism improve your health?

If you’re wondering why minimalism is good for your health, we’ve listed just a few of the reasons below!

1. Causes less stress

Your blood pressure will definitely thank you once you’re leading a more minimalist lifestyle. By carefully crafting your life with only the most important things, you’ll find that your stress levels decrease over time.

2. Gives you more time for self-care

By cutting out unnecessary activities, you’ll have much more time to devote to taking care of yourself. And more self-care means you’ll end up feeling healthier, both physically and mentally.


Image by Bruce Mars on Unsplash: A minimalist lifestyle lets you get more much-needed rest.


3. Allows you to have more time to rest

Once you’ve pared down your life to the necessities only, you’ll most likely notice that you have more time to rest and to sleep. Better sleep can improve a lot of physical and emotional health conditions (including depression and anxiety).

4. Leads to a better financial situation

By cutting down on out-of-control spending, your wallet will thank you! With your finances in order, you could find that your emotional health is much better. Because honestly – who has the energy to worry about money all the time?!

5. Results in a higher purpose or connection to the universe

When you’ve begun living a minimalist lifestyle, you might notice that it’s easier for you to connect to a higher power or to the universe at large. This is because you’re not getting bogged down by extra stuff that doesn’t really matter. A stronger connection to yourself and to the universe can help you feel more emotionally available (which can lead to better mental health).

6. Causes healthier relationships

With stronger relationships in your life, you’ll feel like a healthier person overall. The more support you have from dedicated people, the more equipped you’ll feel to tackle whatever life throws at you.

7. Leads to more freedom overall

Leading a minimalist lifestyle can result in you feeling like you just have more freedom in your everyday life. This can help you become a much healthier person who’s existing in the world in a happy, peaceful way.

There are so many benefits to leading a minimalist lifestyle. Get started today so that you too can access all of the advantages this credo delivers on!


Featured image by Sarah Dorweiler on Unsplash

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