People tend to have a lot of mixed feelings about the arrival of autumn. Cooler weather and a more structured routine may be a welcome change, but shorter days and daunting responsibilities that make us want to cling to the happy, carefree days of summer can be just enough to drag us down this time of year.

Despite its mark of death and decay in the seasonal cycle, autumn is really a time for renewal in our personal lives. Use these mantras in your yoga practice or whenever you need to in your everyday life to make this autumn a great time for personal transformation.

“I acknowledge the dark.”

Use this mantra to call forward some of the qualities of yourself that you’re not so proud of and would rather continue to suppress or ignore. You don’t have to like them — just observe those darker qualities and accept them for what they are. Calling forth our inner darkness brings balance to the light we’ve been fired up about all summer and gets us back in touch with ourselves on a very honest, authentic level.

“Let go.”

These are two simple words you can say to yourself when you notice yourself clinging to anything you know you need to move on from. Whether it’s something small like a habit of eating too many sweets or something bigger like holding onto a relationship that’s no longer serving either of you, telling yourself to let go is a good way to be reminded of the nature of change and to encourage you to take action.

“Stay curious.”

Autumn is often an uncertain time of year. The weather is often pretty unpredictable, and so too are our lives when we’re transitioning toward changes for the better. Rather than looking for signs of certainty in your future, shift to an open-minded state of curiosity by using this mantra. You’ll be a lot less likely to feel as anxious about what might happen or experience frustration when things you don’t out exactly the way you wanted.

“Be where your feet are.”

Most people get back into their work and school routines in autumn, and this can make it difficult to remain present. Telling yourself to “be where your feet are” will help ground you back in the moment when your mind gets swept away by thought. If you want, you can even simplify this further by saying something like, “I am here.” The goal of this mantra is to bring you back to your physical perspective.

“I am enough.”

This mantra is so simple yet so powerful. We’ve all been influenced by parents, friends, popular culture, and advertisements during early childhood in ways that have created beliefs deep inside ourselves about our shortcomings. They’re mainly subconscious, but they stay with us and shape our behavior, which can be especially difficult to deal with during times of change. This autumn, start telling yourself that you’re enough every day. You will start to believe it.

These mantras will help you see that there’s nothing to be glum about during this time of year. Use them on a daily basis to remind yourself that change is coming, and that it should be embraced!