“The thing about meditation is: You become more and more you.” – David Lynch

The science of consciousness is called “Vedic science.” It is the study of the laws of nature, the constitution of the universe and how it all unfolds in creation. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi refers to this science as an ocean of pure consciousness.

In Vedic science the ocean of pure consciousness is called “Atma,” the self; “Know thyself.” How do you reach this state of connection with nature, and the constitution of the laws of the universe itself? By knowing yourself. And how do you know yourself? By meditating. Deep meditation allows you to dive deep within yourself and reach the ocean of pure consiousness. And each time that you reach this place you can grow more and more until you reach enlightenment.

The Conscious Experience

When you reach this ocean of pure consciousness you experience pure joy, and bliss. It’s like being wrapped up in a cloud and only seeing white light. No worry, no expectations, no negativity. Just pure joy. What is comforting is that we all can reach this place of transcendence and access this light any time we choose. The better we get at meditating the easier it is to experience this ocean of bliss throughout all we do during the day.

The reason that it gets easier is because naturally our mind wants to experience this state of pure bliss.

A Natural State of Joy

One of the main motivating factors in this life is happiness because your mind in its most natural state is joyful and content in an ocean of purity. It’s something that is already inside of us, not something that we have to go find and obtain. The key to reaching this happiness isn’t material, or a certain success in this life. Most things in life that promise happiness leave us empty and searching for more. When we base our happiness on the material things in life, we will always want the next best thing, always consuming and never giving. We might get that great job, or a promotion that we thought would make us happy and instead it just brought new stress along with that bigger pay-check.

The key to happiness lies in knowledge of the self by diving deep into the transcendence of light. It is here we have access to the keys of the universe, it is here we can play, create and have the joy that our mind is searching for.

There are so many distractions of the everyday life that demand our attention that we have to take the time in order to dip into this ocean of consciousness.

Once we do, we will “Know thyself.” By dipping into “Atma” we will feel happier, and have more to give to the world around us.