As a yogi, you can spread the word about how much you love your practice any time you want, to anyone you want. But since September is National Yoga Month, now couldn’t be a more perfect time to inspire others about embarking on their own journeys.

The obvious benefits of helping others to discover yoga include improved health and overall well-being, but what you may not realize is that you get to enjoy a few significant benefits as well. Whether you simply pique someone’s interest in yoga or find a new accountability partner who’s just as serious as you are, any positive reaction you receive can be significant enough to impact you in a meaningful way.

Establish a Higher Sense of Purpose

When you seek to inspire others about the practice of yoga for the sake of helping them—with no agenda for yourself—you are doing something from your “highest self,” which is essentially free from ego. This is where you feel a heightened sense of purpose and service to others. As long as you’re not boasting about your own knowledge and experience in yoga in an effort to receive a certain reaction from others, you’ll feel the benefits of standing for something that’s bigger than yourself.

Foster Closer Connections

You may already enjoy spending time with your friends, your relatives, your spouse, and other people in your life, but your connection to them can be tightened by finding new common interests to share with each other. If you find that a relationship has become a bit routine or even slightly stale, sharing an interest in yoga could help renew and strengthen your bond.

Inspire Others to Pay It Forward

Research has shown that helping others is contagious. By helping others to discover the benefits of yoga, you could essentially be indirectly helping many others in the process by setting off a domino effect. Anyone you help could one day feel inspired to pass on their love for yoga with their own friends, relatives, acquaintances, and even strangers.

How to Start Inspiring Others

There are all sorts of different ways you can share your love of yoga with others in a positive, helpful, and enlightening manner. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Invite a friend or relative to do yoga with you, attend an event, or go to a retreat
  • Start a mini yoga challenge at work with coworkers
  • Start blogging about your yoga journey
  • Share photos, videos, or words of inspiration related to yoga on social media
  • Wear your Yogi Surprise jewelry proudly when you go out
  • Donate any old yoga DVDs that you no longer use to others who could use them
  • Ask others what they do for physical activity and stress relief out of genuine curiosity
  • Consider doing yoga teacher training if you’re interested in teaching

Essentially, you’ll know you’re doing it right when sharing your love for your practice feels mostly effortless. As long as you are living up to what you’re trying to inspire others to do, your desire to share and educate should come naturally.

Image (edited) via Dave Rosenblum